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    Random BS people say that you get fed up with.

    That video was proved to be 'fake' multiple times. There are many rational reasons for that occuring that have nothing to do with fracking. It's because of people like you that we can't have nice things...
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    Ubisoft Reveals Online Security Breach

    Getting real tired of all this shit. Companies should be fined or forced to compensate customers whose privacy is infringed when data is stolen. No excuses. If you want us to make accounts for everything, that should come with a responsibility to keep data safe.
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    CliffyB Thinks Used Games Are Bad, Sony is "Playing Us"

    If this is such a problem (Personally I think they're just being whiney bitches) then I'm happy to pay more at release for games so long as I can demo them first, have access to all future content (don't lazy out because I already paid) and actually produce good games with reasonable length...
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    Jimquisition: Sony's Begging For Piracy

    What you are describing is not a monopoly according to economics. Simply because you are the only one who can produce something does not mean you have a 'monopoly' over something. Your' dictionary definition may make it seem that way, but open an econ textbook and simply by the quantity of...
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    Cigarettes should be illegal.

    No, I see smoking as one of life's small pleasures. Stop telling me what to do. Ban in public places? Why? Let's also ban peanuts from public, after all, they can cause a deadly reaction in some people. Who are all these selfless ingrates eating Snickers on the street??? Oh no, you need to...
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    The most flashy thing you own.

    Toss up between my Breitling Chronomat Evolution and Dolce and Gabbana winter coat with lambskin leather on the outside and rabbit fur on the inside. Coat is definitely the 'flashiest' but oh boy is it warm.
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    Poll: Grading System Flawed?

    Massive grade inflation in the US system. I used to be in that system in high school and am glad to be done with it. At a Dutch uni now, which is very different. Grading is linear, so usually only 1-2 students are awarded a 10 (100%), couple of scores of nine and slightly more 8s. 6 is a pass...
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    Is this at all acceptable?

    Grandpa was right. He's just trying to save us from another "I like this girl but I got friend zoned/She doesn't like me blah blah blah" thread
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    Jimquisition: Piracy Episode One - Copyright

    They sold their art to people who were better placed to make money out of it... So? I hate all this "suffering artist" crap. If you don't need publishers then do it yourself, just don't cry when Modern Warfare 83 sells 83 million times as many copies as you do. Stealing a loaf of bread from...
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    British Student Loses Extradition Battle Over Copyright Violation

    Just because there is an international treaty or agreement does not extend jurisdiction for countries that are a party to it. Just because both the countries involved have agreed to a IP treaty doesn't mean that the one country has jurisdiction to prosecute all infractions of the agreement...
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    British Student Loses Extradition Battle Over Copyright Violation

    You obviously have no idea how International Law works.
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    Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask?

    Loved Majora's Mask. The time mechanic was something new and original in a Zelda game as far as I know. You constantly had to be planning ahead, figuring out whether you had enough time for what you wanted to do next. Would love to see Nintendo do something equally creative with new Zelda...
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    Piracy staying legal in Switzerland - "Pirates still contribute"

    Your response is that of a classic hard liner. Use our power that we have worked hard to build up so that we can get what we want. The reason you don't is not because of 'morals' or other wishy washy crap. It's because it doesn't make economic sense, you would lose more than you gain. Okay...
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    Piracy staying legal in Switzerland - "Pirates still contribute"

    As a Swiss person, both of you are hilarious. Why? 1. Switzerland is not some military power house. 2. I'm sure Germany and the rest of Europe would be real happy about the US dropping a bunch of shit smack bang in the middle of Europe. 'We don't care what anyone thinks' You will when they...
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    Why don't YOU have Skyrim?

    Recently got Dark Souls. Too busy dying.