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    Would you support a cure for homosexuality and transexualism?

    As a choice that can be made during someones adult life? Sure, a cure (or something to cause) for homosexuality would be something I could support. It would be a choice that an experienced reasoning adult could make. As a choice the mother makes while the child is in the womb? No, that I...
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    Why do PC Gamers Oppose Using a Controller?

    It really does depend on the type of game you're playing. For shooters I preffer the responsivness of aiming with a mouse over a clunky controller, but for a fighter or a game like Dark Souls? Definitally prefer a controller. Everything has a time and a place.
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    Overzealous password checkers

    Aberyswith? My brother goes there! I never had that problem myself, my uni gives you your password for your account on their system. I've always been given the passwords I needed for my systems, so I have three memorized from middle school, high school and uni that I combine to make stupidly...
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    Games you wished you liked

    Torchlight (both 1 and 2). I played the shit out of diablo 2, and even enjoy diablo 3, but I just can't get into torchlight for the life of me. I don't know what it is. I want to enjoy them but.... no dice.
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    Examples of non romantic male female

    Okabe and Mayushi in Steins;Gate comes to mind. Just two childhood friends.
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    Who was your first crush?

    My frist crush was this girl Christina. A bit of a goth but not dark or death obsessed. We where good friends, but I never had the guts to let her know how I felt. Looking back I think I had a chance to tell her, circumstance had us staring into each others eyes. Every now and then I'll still...
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    I don't understand tipping culture...

    I think it varies between countries. In America, from what I understand, the serving staff are paid only by their tips while here in Belgium the serving staff gets a salary, and the tip is merely on top of that for above average service. If the tip is how the staff gets paid, then wouldn't it...
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    Natural talent(s) you have.

    I can took pretty well. I mean sure, I follow a recipe most of the time but when I'm making something where the spicing is up to the cook I tend to just throw in what I feel to be appropriate and more often than not the balance is spot on.
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    No Right Answer: Best Revenge-fueled Badass Ever

    I was thinking the exact same thing. He's the first one to come to mind when revenge and rage are mentioned.
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    A question for the guys . Baths : Yay or Nay?

    When doing anything a shower is simply more practical, but as a man I admit I am partial to a good hot soak. There is little better in the winter than spending a length of time wallowing in some scalding hot water with a good thick book. Less pleasing in the winter, and a cold bath doesn't...
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    Petition to Free Jailed League of Legends Player Reaches 100,000 Sigs

    Ok, so the kid makes some sarcastic terrorist threat, which we can all agree is stupid. This naturally warrents some kind of reaction by the government, perhaps a search of the home. That seems reasonable right? Just checking to make sure it isn't the joke he says it is? But no, that's not...
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    Poll: Am I to blame

    So you warned them that they where likely to be assaulted, they yelled at you for somehow blaming the victim, and then they got assaulted. I really do not see how this is in any way or form your fault. You did your part in trying to convince them to stay, they spit in the face of your advice...
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    All male Fox News panel freak out over the numbers of women providing the main income in households

    I am insulted, 4 out of 10 primary bread winners? Scandalous! I mean, why not 5 out of 10? What's keeping that last 1 out of 10 from working?! Heh, sorry, I couldn't resist. You know what animal those guys need to look at? Lions. It's the female lions that do all the work, all the hunting...
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    Zero Punctuation: Metro: Last Light

    I find it funny how Artyom can be so unlucky, but then quite lucky as well. As for the beasties, I remember being able to stealth through quite a bit of it. A few are mandatory, but the option was sometimes there!
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    Zero Punctuation: Metro: Last Light

    If I recall correctly they do talk about survivors in other nations, or rather how none of them have responded to radio calls. Come to think of it that may have been in 2033.