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    Daily Writing Thread: Appeals, Prose, and Opinions

    A story set in "heaven", which is an infinite network of "paradise nodes", or little alternate realities one can visit according to their preference. Somewhere in this maze is a old south style plantation, slaves included. This is an old woman's node. A young man and his black wife come to visit...
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    why were you put on probation/suspended or warned

    This thread is win. To avoid having a completely off-topic post: I was put on probation once for mentioning I ran adblock on the Escapist before I knew you could except websites. The probation was taken away by another mod though.
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    Your a ghost, and you decide to haunt a video game. More seriously, I'd be the conscience of the videogame, reminding you at every point available what it means to kill.
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    Your Type

    Thought I'd stop by for Christmas. There are things I like- Short hair, thin build, facial piercings- but my only real requirements are simple. She must be female, not intolerant, and I need to care about her. It seems like people have something like a shopping list and they just choose the...
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    The box.

    I wouldn't do it. No matter how small the chance, I wouldn't risk hurting anyone I care about. If they were exempt however, I would probably do it. The world needs fewer people, and a million dollars can do a fair bit of good. It's a gamble, and would make me a murderer, but I think in the end I...
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    What song gets into your soul?

    There's actually a good few songs that can get my goosebumps going, but lately it's been Leave out all the rest, by Linkin Park, especially with the video.
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    I will pay you 2 million dollars a year...

    Eww. This thought is disgusting, and I don't like it. Whether or not you make a diffence or not is the least important thing in the world. If you don't like something, even if you alone aren't going to change anything, don't participate! We aren't so selfless that everything we do is for some...
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    Poll: Do you report and move on?

    I will sometimes report, then participate in the dumb thing anyway, but rarely do I ever feel the need to rub it in.
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    Poll: The greatest RPG of all time

    You are a bad, bad man. With either no experience or taste. Nah, not really. I just can't for the life of me figure out Oblivion's appeal. It's Morrowind minus all fun things.
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    Poll: The greatest RPG of all time

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    Escapism '09 the Second, Sydney

    Yeah... I'm not good in the monies department, but I'm pretty sure I can sell my soul to my dad or something. In which case I will be there. Actually, school and stuff comes first, but hopefully. I am also in Canada.
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    Poll: Do you use Wikipedia?

    It depends what you mean. I wouldn't use it in a report or something, but it's a convenient source of information that is almost always right. The average troll isn't discrete enough to fool a careful looker anyway. I use Wikipedia all the time, and I'm much more knowledgeable for it. Everything...
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    Name your fort.

    Fort Sunshine.
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    Poll: Have you ever been so happy you've cried?

    It' was never sadness or happiness that made me cry in the past really, it was frustration. Went many, many years without crying, but I did a short time ago now.
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    *** Dream Interpretation ***

    Heh, nice. Don't blame you for not wanting to read that thing.