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    The BBC says VPN users are content pirates...

    Well considering my ISP routes everything through a VPN what does that make me?
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    AT&T and Verizon: 10Mbps Is Too Fast For Broadband

    The more I read about your ISP actions, the more convinced I am that your country is a corrupt shithole. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with your legislative branches?
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    Do people dismiss new/low post members?

    Oddly enough its more the generic 'no face' avatar that'll make me more likely skip over a post than anything like join date or post count, (though the second can come into play as well).
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    EA: We Never Want to Be Named Worst U.S. Company Again

    I remember then newly appointed CEO John Ritchwhatshisface making similar statements back around 2008. What's the bet in 2020 we'll be having another PR speak laden 'we are going to change, honest!' speech read out by the next corporate suit?
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    How do you feel about online trophies?

    I don't play multiplayer so they can go get bent for all I care, except for the ones in tacked on multiplayer modes. Those can be sodomized by demons then be thrown into a fire.
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    Alright everyone you get to adopt a child from a game.

    A little sister, so I could harvest the magical sea slug to sell to a pharmaceutical company. What? You didn't say we couldn't harm the child.
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    Poll: There may be a light for anime (Under the Dog)

    Sorry to burst your bubble but the kicktraq figures for that Kickstarter are not looking good. A final 48 reminder surge could push it over the bar but those can be fickle at best and tend to happen to projects that have already achieved the minimum goal for funding...
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    So apparently, 4chan is a person!

    "What is this 'research' and how do I go about acquiring it?" would be CNN and his reaction to your wild idea.
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    Dropped from Space, Snatched by Plane: the Corona Satellite Program

    And in the end they reverted back to aircraft, one that wouldn't be shot down.
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    How will the recent controversy effect your media consumption?

    Well for one thing this latest run of insanity finally got me to actually muck about and stop my Pub-club subscription, though that was more due to the general downward slide in Escapist content than this event in particular. I've started following another site which seems to be getting info...
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    The Safe haven thread: Talk about anything

    There is no private servers (or at least ones I can access as a F2P noob) so everything bar a simple tutorial is done on one of 4 massive maps.
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    The Safe haven thread: Talk about anything

    As in I don't play multiplayer at all, that PS2 session was the first time in months I've went up against people instead of bots or AI from single player campaigns. And yes, an Aussie server so expect lots of Australian accents.
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    The Safe haven thread: Talk about anything

    A good while yet, I'm actually running the RAM underclocked and most parts were chosen especially for overclocking and using SLI. I didn't really feel I was lagging out but I don't really know what to look for as I don't play multiplayer. I did die a lot but that might have simply been lack...
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    What upcoming games are you looking forward to?

    Wasteland 2, Borderlands: The Pre-sequel, a few other Kickstarters that are nearing completion.
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    The Safe haven thread: Talk about anything

    I finished my new rig. Oh, I also started playing Planetside 2, I doubt I'll continue playing as it's monetization system isn't terrific but I lucked out platoon-wise. The Platoon Leader was a real pro, knowing what to do, when to retreat...