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    No Xenomorphs in Prometheus 2

    I'm going to agree with Scott on this one. The Alien/s have been done enough. I don't understand the hate for Prometheus.I thought it was really good.
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    What do you think about archaeology?

    Its a field that I now wish I'd figured out interests me back when I was 18,so I could have studied harder. Now I'm a chef and working like a donkey for an average wage. But whatever,I cant complain. For some reason being loaded with stress and crushing work loads works for me right now...
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    Is there anything the Xbone has done right?

    They've made my next gen choice clear for me. I may even just bulk up my PC to gaming specs and be done with the consoles for now.
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    MS Confirms Online Connection, Game Borrowing and Used Game Details

    I'm astounded by the greed based stupidity on display from MS here. Guess what Microsoft..I don't want to always be connected to the internet to play a fucking game,ok? Sonny would have to have a similar death wish to follow suit.
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    Microsoft Addresses Xbox One Concerns

    Looks like I'm going Playstation next Gen,if I buy into the next Gen at all. Way to alienate your customers MS.
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    Poll: How do rich people become rich in the first place?

    If its getting rich from nothing then its probably a combination of hard work and saving every dollar,carefull and steady property acquisition,also investing non essential money in stocks,which would involve having your money in the right place at the right time,ie,luck.
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    Kony 2012 and other flop-movements

    I'm going to say 'Planking'. I shudder with embarrasment at the thought of it.
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    Far cry 3 ps3

    I have the 360 version. Fantastic game overall,I wouldn't let rumours of screen tearing stop you from enjoying it. But the endings...WTF.
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    Cooking disaster

    Worst mistake I made in a kitchen. Beef jus,from start to finish can take up to two days to make.I burnt it in the last stages of reducing on the second day and had to bin it.Two days labour down the sink.
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    Poll: Do You Think The End Is Upon Us? (12/21/12)

    To date every 'End of World' prediction has been wrong,so I'm not worried.
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    So... Uh... What the hell, Australia?!?!

    Lets be clear about this,the majority of Australians are disgusted by this event. It was,like ususal a small minority of extremist dickheads who kicked of the worst of the fighting.Isn't it always?
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    Is the whole "Kony 2012" thing already over?

    Whats sad here is all those young people who got caught up in the hype and fad when this was gaining momentum will now most likely feel justified in becoming all 'cool' jaded...'I got burnt by that Kony thing man,never again'. If anybody who actually backed this shite is reading,you can still...
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    So sick of the "friend zone".

    Go read 'The Game' by Neil'll give you ideas on how to approach women so that the 'friend zone' is an optional extra,for your sake,not for hers. Overall I wouldn't get to cut up over one woman. They never stop making women,a new model comes out every year.
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    why hating on kony 2012 is inherently wrong

    I'm to tired to even laugh at this. Are you seriously going to chastise and tisk tisk at the internet? Grow up child. If everyone who donated time and money into Kony 2012,donated time and money to charities that actually make a difference on the ground for everyday Ugandan kids I probably...
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    My issue with the whole Kony 2012 thing going on right now.

    Who and how exactly do they intend to catch the guy to bring him to justice,without having to shoot down an untold number of his now slightly older child soldiers? Would that not contradict the purpose of this movement? A guy like that would not hand himself over to whatever passes as...