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    You have just jumped out of a building.....

    Tilde, tgm, enter. No fall damage.
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    Infuriating social faux pas

    That one person who feels obligated to give their opinion on everything, even if they don't have a clue what they're on about.
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    Infuriating social faux pas

    Double post
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    Poll: Why do they think I'm a bot?

    Let them come.
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    Poll: At what point is killing/hurting something wrong?

    If it isn't for food, defence or justice then I might tut a bit.
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    GAME (UK) and Steam

    And nothing of value is lost from my perspective. I buy the collectors edition versions from Game because of the little trinkets and I'm not clumsy enough with discs to properly benefit from totally digital installing.
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    The last movie you saw combines with the last game you played and the last book you read.

    Stuck on You, Warmachine and 1984. I don't see this working.
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    What's physically wrong with YOU?

    I have one testicle. Nothing else is wrong other than that. I have a bit of a tummy but I'm working on that. Also, you're making a lot of threads.
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    Your favourite moment of bad AI

    Simple really, what particular example of bad AI makes you chuckle/smile, or you just enjoy exploiting? I love the AI in Fallout games if I'm honest. I help a town and get a squirrel on a stick for my troubles. I take it graciously and begin the looting. No one seems to bat an eyelid when...
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    Poll: Alliance or Horde?

    Quite literally on RP servers. My first server was an RP server because I love general roleplaying, being a DnD nut. Imagine my horror when my human Paladin made it to Goldshire Inn for the first time.
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    Poll: Alliance or Horde?

    No, they're both pretty lawful. The only difference between the two is that the Horde is(was) a Shamanistic culture and the Alliance is a more technological and militaristic culture. There's no real differences in alignment, just politics.
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    Bad Webcomics

    I enjoy some comics that may not appeal to the average person (XKCD, PhD Comics) but of the ones that appeal to the general public, I have to say that I hate anything that isn't Cyanide and Happiness or Hark a Vagrant. Honourable mentions to VGCats and Ctrl-Alt-Del, there is a special level of...
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    Poll: Philosophy: Important or a Waste of Time?

    I had a roommate who would bash any subject that wasn't maths or physics, he's studying for a degree in maths. One of his favourites to bash is philosophy. Philosophy is the whole reason we're looking for answers to things in the first place. Philosophy and science are not mutually exclusive...
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    Irish: are any of you it?

    The legal stance is that you're Irish if you're born in the Republic of Ireland or have a parent who's an Irish citizen at the time of your birth.
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    Favorite classic Nick Shows

    My favourite is either Ren and Stimpy, Catdog, Angry Beavers or Hey Arnold. Ah the 90s. A golden age for cartoons. Does anyone else remember Beavis and Butthead on MTV?