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    Harry Potter Author Admits Ron Shouldn't Have Ended With Hermione

    Maybe if we ***** and complain hard enough, she'll release a DLC for the final book which sorts it all out, ME3 style.
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    DICE Declares February "Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month"

    I remember back in the good ol' days of vagueness, when in the multiplayer FPS world Double xp weekend was every weekend, and there was no such thing as a Premium Player (Seriously?). What happened to the first person shooter? (don't answer that) *reminiscent sigh* By the way, February is...
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    Gun Nutella

    Pfft, don't really care if you know the vocabulary, whats important is weather or not you know how to properly hold, fire and maintain a firearm. You can call a shell a bullet all you want, it doesn't change what it is. You know the saying "you can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?"...
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    No Right Answer: Living with Depression

    Excellent episode guys, hit the nail on the head with the whole "depression is your identity" thing. That's how it felt, but on a more subconscious level. As soon as I realized that the problem was me and not some mysterious outside force, I was half way better already.
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    Yup, this is my hell.

    Being locked in an Asylum with the Jurassic park flavour of velociraptors. No thank you.
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    Pope Francis Describes Internet as "A Gift From God"

    Wow, that sounds fantastic. You would never find a Catholic priest dipping into Islam's teachings during a mass. I feel the religions of the world have a lot to teach each other, but instead they shut themselves in and bury their heads in the sand. Just the fact that this group exists put a...
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    Pope Francis Describes Internet as "A Gift From God"

    Now that the pope has joined the 21st century, perhaps we could get a "Christianity Lite Edition" to go with it. Think about it, a religion that focuses on teaching people to be good human beings and not convoluting the whole message with ghost stories and imaginary friends.
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    MGS3 ... The Fury, whats his deal?

    He is/was a cosmonaut of the soviet state, saw the world "on fire" when he came back from space and now wants to burn the shit out of everything. His story leaves alot to be desired, but the boss fight is good. "oh shit he has a flammenwerfer and a jetpack Box puts out fire. WATER PIPES...
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    Help me to enjoy dark souls.

    Everything in the game looks bigger and scarier than it actually is. Respond to enemy attacks, don't react. Nothing is immortal, nothing is impossible. If you have full stamina, have your shield up. The thickest armour and heaviest weapons do not make you untouchable. Treat each...
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    Dark Souls isn't an RPG

    While I respect your point of view and understand where you are coming from. I believe you to be wrong based on the simple fact that Dark Souls is an RPG and not a survival horror game.
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    Poll: Most Hellish Dark Souls level

    It's a tie between taking the regular long route down Blighttown, and Sen's Fortress. I never struggled on any other area anywhere near as much as those two. I can't really choose because both areas have their pros and cons. Blighttown was hideous because of all the poison, toxins, death...
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    Poll: How is Metal Gear Solid 2?

    People bash the story a lot for being convoluted trash, but it's no where near as bad as people make it out to be. So long as you don't have the attention span of a broom, its fairly easy to follow providing you played MGS1. What you do need is patience, the long cut scenes and codec calls...
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    Best Stealth Game Ever?

    Personally, Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater. While it does show its grey hair, the stealth in Snake Eater was the best of the series. 1 & 2 had an arcade like approach to stealth, ie dont walk directly into the line of sight of enemies and you'll be fine. 3 made the sneaking much more fluid...
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    People who've never taken alcohol or drugs

    I don't do drugs Except for alcohol and tobacco... Okay, I do taxed drugs, taxed drugs are okay. Its those untaxed drugs you want to look out for, those are bad drugs. Hmmm how does this fucking work I wonder.
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    Skywind, the Morrowind-in-Skyrim Mod, Gets Impressive Dev Video

    This is now the best birthday ever. Great video, cannot wait to get my hands on Skywind.