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    Zero Punctuation: E3 2015 - Hype Train Is Back

    What about Horizon was nostalgia bait? Yahtzee said the entire Sony conference was about nostalgia and remakes and sequels, and then conveniently left out the all new IPs.
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    Favorite Youtube Cooking Channels?

    My favorite has got to be Orsara Recipes []. Funny old Italian guy, been fascinating me ever since Crendor mentioned him on Cox n' Crendor in the Morning
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    8 Awesome Voice Acting Performances in Videogames

    I'll add two names. Steve Downes as the Master Chief from Halo. Also Keith David, for his roles as David Anderson in Mass Effect, The Arbiter in Halo, and, more importantly, Keith David in Saints Row. That actually hurt my insides, like powerfully hurt. You forgot Sigourney Weaver existed...
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    If Computers Acted Like They Do On TV

    Oh no. A flashlight. So terrifying.
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    8 Defunct Game Studios that We Wish Would Reopen

    I wanted Space Marine to continue so badly.
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    8 of the Most Iconic Videogame Weapons

    Iconic has two definitions. The first is "widely recognized". The second is "representative or reflective of something". So, to do a list of "iconic" things, you need to either explain why each thing is the best example or representation of its kind, or rank things in order of most widely...
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    Poll: Which God is the best God?

    Nurgle still isn't on the poll. I'd even settle for a "Chaos Gods" option at this point.
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    Poll: Which God is the best God?

    And the Dark Mechanicus sends its rebuttal.
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    Poll: Which God is the best God?

    Nurgle is the most powerful god. He's the god of entropy, of disease and decay. Decay is a universal constant, a part of everything in existence. You can't get much more universal or future-proofed than that. That said, I've been playing lots of Pillars of Eternity lately so I really like...
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    Artist Mixes Comic Book, Movie and Cartoon Icons In Brilliant Mash-Ups

    I want Harley and Stitch to be a real comic, and I really really want Jubilee to become a vampire. I know these are jokes, but they'd be so awesome if they were real.
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    Poll: If you could bend one element, what would it be?

    Aang was raised as a pacifist. It's likely, though, that Master Gyatso did something like that to the Fire Nation soldiers who attacked.
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    Extra Punctuation: Hating Warhammer 40k and Space Marine

    Well, there's a few flaws with that summary. First, Space Marines are more like Warrior Monks. If anyone are battle-crazed fanatics, it'd be the Khornate Berserkers. The Orks don't really have any beef with humanity, either. They just smash and loot and WAAAGH!!, but they'll do that to...
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    EVE Online: Too late to play?

    You mean like all the missions and mission arcs? Or the scripted events? Faction Warfare? Or does all of that not count?
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    EVE Online: Too late to play?

    Precisely. You can only train something so far. Once you've maxed it out or at least trained it to a suitable level (or what you feel is suitable), you move on to something else. That means that people who have been playing longer simply have more skills, not better skills. I haven't been...
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    Poll: The Halo Story

    Yes, actually, I have. I've spent hundreds of hours debating and debunking various religios idiots (mostly young-earth creationists, but I've done my fair share of catholics, jews, and muslims). The difference between them and the Sangheili, though, is the Sangheili had their religious leaders...