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    The Crew Boots Players Back to Title Screen When Their Internet Drops

    The people of The Escapist seem upset by this news. Upset enough to not purchase The Crew, not surprising. You know what game the people of The Escapist seem to like a great deal though? It's Dark Souls. One of the interesting things that happens in Dark Souls is that players are booted...
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    Zero Punctuation: Titanfall - It's Got Big Stompy Robots

    It's quite straightforward. There are currently many people playing Titanfall without you, therefore you can buy it yourself and play it. From your perspective as a buyer there's really no difference that the game is multiplayer only.
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    The Escapist Presents: 10 Goofy Goat Things to Do In Goat Simulator

    The goofiest thing of all is buying Goat Simulator.
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    Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance Review - Borehammer

    It's a real shame THQ went bankrupt, at least all of their 40k games were basically decent.
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    Zero Punctuation: Titanfall - It's Got Big Stompy Robots

    That argument makes no sense. You can buy the game on your own and enjoy it because plenty of other people have bought the game and are playing it without you. Also from a technical standpoint the sort of pathing players are expected to do as Pilots is basically the antithesis of AI...
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    Zero Punctuation: Titanfall - It's Got Big Stompy Robots

    I'd just like to point out that the game randomly picks which side you'll start as when you first play the campaign so there's actually no guarantee that the other side will be higher level. The carbine you start out with is pretty much the best weapon anyway (in that it's better than most...
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    Blizzard Announces Blizzard Outcasts Fighting Game For April Fools

    I was far more amused by this than I probably should have been.
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    A funny thing happened while playing Fallout 3...

    Well as long as we're talking about bugs in Bethesda games: In my Skyrim save I have a dead dragon who teleports to me every few fast travels. I've considered using it to transport junk I have no time to sell.
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    Suspended Animation Becomes a Reality, Human Trials Underway

    Your suit would be rejected. Doctors are obligated to attempt to save your life even without your permission. This is a case in which you are almost guaranteed to die if they don't use the experimental treatment, you won't be in a sound state of mind to make an informed decision about the...
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    War Thunder Won't be on Xbox One Until it Allows Cross-Platform Play

    Microsoft pioneered cross-platform play with their Shadowrun game and it really didn't work out for them, makes sense that they'd be reluctant. It makes even more sense that they'd be outright opposed to cross-platform play with PS4 (and vice versa). In gen 7 people would often choose between...
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    What's going on with Steam lately?

    That's a terrible argument, the Steam library is working just fine according to OP. There's nothing about these issues which prevent anyone from playing their Steam games, just buying new ones.
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    Titanfall's New Game Modes Will be Free For All Players

    I'm working under the assumption that the DLC will only be new maps, possibly with a new campaign as well. The headline is somewhat confusing, it makes it sound like Respawn is adding a Free-for-All mode to Titanfall.
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    The Big Picture: Scarlet Unity - What Assassin's Creed and Batman Have in Common

    None of the AC games have been set in the open plains of America. AC3 was in the New England woodlands and mountains, AC: Liberation is in the Louisiana bayous, AC4 is in the Caribbean archipelagos. Personally I found the woodland traversal very fitting to the series, though the lack of...
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    Positech Games Boss Calls For An End To Deep-Discount Sales

    It's almost funny the number of people saying: "Well games aren't worth full price anyway!" Do you not realize that this attitude is precisely what the guy from Positech is talking about? As a consumer I agree with you, in fact I have a personal rule to never buy anything on Steam that is...
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    Leaked photos may show off Assassin's Creed 5's new location, two games this fall

    Templars distorting history to vilify prominent Assassins and Assassin-sympathizers is a pretty common (though subtle) part of the series. Imagine if Robespierre's death squads were actually murdering people who the Templar's were mind-controlling with a Piece of Eden. Then Robespierre's...