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    Favourite Voice of All Time

    Nothing will ever compete Mike Patton as The Darkness
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    How are you liking GTA V?

    Game is pretty much fantastic, I love Trevor so much every time he's on screen I die of laughter I disliked IV a lot, this is such an improvement I'm enjoying every minute of it.
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    I'm intentionally not seeing trailers because I want to discover things by myself, I don't like it when developers brag about every single feature and mechanic in the game it ruins the whole experience imo But yeah I'm pretty excited from what I saw
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    Immersive first person games

    System Shock 2 Damn it's soo goooood. If graphics aren't important to you you should definitely check it out
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    Steam Summer Sale: What did you buy?

    Let's see... System Shock 2 The Binding of Isaac with DLC Deus Ex Collection with all the DLC (and it was dirt cheap too holy shit) Portal 2 Thomas Was Alone Hotline Miami HL2: Episode One God I love the Steam sales they're fucking insane! SOMEONE TAKE AWAY MY FUCKING WALLET
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    Whats next for Bioshock?

    Make System Shock 3... But don't call it that (and no not a spiritual successor don't be a smart ass and tell me Bioshock) Then everyone will laugh and enjoy a new system shock game hooray
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    Shuffle your ipod!

    Weird I know I have a variety of stuff lol
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    You can have an Army of anything. What do you have?

    An army of hot girls, who the hell would fight me? And I can take over the world easily I WIN
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    Funniest Game you ever played?

    Wow.. Hmm the Portal games, Deadpool is hilarious, Saints Row The Third, Bad Company, Jak & Dax games and The Neverhood (God I love that game so much)
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    Game of the Half Year 2013

    Ughh.... Either Revengence or The Last of Us I'm having a VERY hard time deciding lol
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    Microsoft "360s" on its DRM policies. No more 24 hour check in, Used games ahoy

    Nope, M$ fuck you the damage is done. Sony here I come!
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    Oculus Rift "Erotic Adventure" Game Announced

    I'm for actually talking to a real girl... But hey that's OK if you want to fuck pixels...
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    Poll: Mindless hatred for the Xbone?

    I really don't give a shit about it, all this internet and TV stuff turns me off and it doesn't even have support where I live So fuck that I'm either getting a PS4 or a really good PC
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    Did sony address the freezing issue with the PS4?

    Wow because that buggy demo froze the PS4 is "UNRELIABLE AND CAN'T PLAY GAMES!!"
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    PS4 goes for the throat!

    They said PS Plus is less than 5$ a MONTH! Seriously that's really not a problem and since I don't really play multiplayer I think it's great that if I want to check out a multiplayer game I could just rent it and pay less that 5$ I'm definitely getting a PS4 now