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    Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along BLog

    I just think it's a fantastic little series. All the actors did a brilliant job, and I never knew Nathan Fillion was such a good singer. Never fails to cheer me up if I'm in a down mood, and I love how often my iTunes brings up one of the songs on Shuffle. Was also the first thing I saw Felicia...
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    Poll: Scariest Doctor Who Monster

    The two parter in this series ruined the Weeping Angels for me. Moffat just tried too hard with them, I think. But they are still scary as hell.
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    Strangest way you have been woken up.

    Crashed at a friend's house but there was lack of space, so I slept in the bathroom. At some time the next morning I was gently nudged awake by his housemate with only a too-small towel wrapped round his waist asking me to move as he wanted to use the shower. I was lying on my back facing...
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    Poll: How often do you go back and play old consoles?

    Not as often as I'd like, but I did pick up Donkey Kong and Maniac Mansion for my NES over the past week so they'll get some play time. At some point over summer I'm hoping to venture into the loft and retrieve my C64- I wanna play some Paperboy/Suicide Express/Booty!
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    Escapist News Network: Quickbender Must Die

    The customisable wife game section gave me a slightly harrowing flashback to a discussion a few of us had with the head of Games Design at my uni back in my first year. Enhanced sex slaves came up in that discussion too- and I think I also made a silent 'what the...'! CSI has nothing on...
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    Poll: Do you love your parents?

    Definitely. I think as a family we've been through far too much together, so we're just happy that we're all still here and in one piece. My dad and I have quite a few clashes (we both inherited a hot temper from his Irish mother) and I find myself jumping in the firing line to protect my mom...
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    What 's the meaning behind your name?

    Depends what country of origin I take. The Irish definition of Tegan is 'doe, a little deer'. The Welsh definition is 'poet or philosopher'. In Wales it's also listed as a boy's name, although I am very definitely female. Either way, my dad liked the name because it's from Doctor Who. My mom...
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    PC guy wondering about Macs

    I've used both for different parts of my degree- Macs for audio design because we HAD to use Pro Tools and Logic, PCs for After Effects and 3d modelling/animation. I've got PCs myself but can see the appeal of Macs. But yeah- it's all down to deciding if the expense of a Macbook would actually...
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    Blood drawing difficult because veins too small/hidden

    I have the same problem every time I go to donate blood. Last time I went they tried BOTH arms and just ended up with huge bruises and a sudden spurt of blood shooting out of one arm in the car park on the way home. The lifting weights thing works- just lift a pile of books or something a good...
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    Top Ten trippiest movies

    For me, any of the Evangelion movies. Even after watching the whole series before I was still spaced to hell. To some extent I also want to say The Butterfly Effect. Especially the Director's Cut with the 'proper' ending.
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    If you could have any job in video games, what would it be?

    Gruesome it may be, but I'd be a mortician. If nothing else it'd be a busy job.
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    Songs that get a little overplayed a bit too much

    In the UK at the moment it seems to be anything by JLS. In my last job I heard their songs played at least 4 times in my 8 hour shift. It. Drove. Me. Insane.
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    Good video hosting for websites?

    Also, had a thought on the train home- need to look out for quality as well as quantity they can host. Cause if I'd be better off recording in SD rather than HD, it would potentially save battery... Also, Vimeo?
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    Poll: Do Girls Need Pickup Lines

    See, I have actually used a pickup line on a guy before- and it worked. Speaking from my own experience, I *have* had guys use cheesy pickup lines, and I liked it because it was funny. Didn't get them anywhere, but it gave me a laugh. I've also had a couple of guys try decent pickup lines- one...
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    Where are you now?

    I'm home alone, still in my PJs, watching 'Private Life of Sherlock Holmes' and planning my next games blog update. My hair and *shudder* make-up are spot on, making the whole scene a little more surreal. I have to go to work in an hour (damned if I'm putting on a crisp white shirt before I...