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    Worst alien invasion movie of all time

    Thats nothing, try Battle of Los Angeles (with the skinny one from keenan and kel) perhaps the single worst movie i have ever seen.

    Is this site (Not the Escapist) for real?

    I hate that website. every time someones mentions it, i just see the landover part, think "ooh magic kingdom of landover" and get all excited. then I realise its a site full of not that good satire and get disappointed. you'd think i'd have learned by now but nope, every time.

    So, with ME3 Extended cut ending comming up...

    to soome people the journey is more important than the destination. To me though, the game ended when i got shot by harbinger. We lost the war and the galaxy is fucked (which if you ask me should have been an option in the game anyway)

    The most frivolous thing you can do with $100 billion

    The first thing i would do is reboot Firefly, then i would build an emperor class titan in the middle of London and proclaim myself king.

    So... the Nazis.

    Blitzkrieg is a populist term invented by the american press. The only example of Blitzkreig (in world war two, the six day ar could legitimately be termed blitzkrieg as well) as it is defined was the battle of France, and much of that success was not intentional and only made possible by poor...

    So... the Nazis.

    That is unbelievably awesome. We have to build this. And i can't believe i've never heard of it before. Damnit i want one so much

    So... the Nazis.

    The point of Citadel was not to defeat Russia, but essentially force a stalemate on the eastern front, giving the germans a chance to dig in, and to redeploy some troops to Italy to prepare for the allied landings there. Instead, the germans played right into soviet hands and ended up...

    So... the Nazis.

    Von Paulus was promoted (commander of the German 6th army at Stalingrad) to Field Marshall before surrendering to the Russians under the expectation that he was to commit suicide instead. He was promoted with the words "no German Field Marshall has ever been taken prisoner" The failure of...

    Is it immoral to keep pets?

    The thing is, most animals that are kept as pets now (especially dogs) have been domesticated over thousands of years and many would probably find it very difficult to survive on their own. It would probably actually be very dangerous to let them all loose. And at least as pets they are looked...

    What is the drunkest you have ever been?

    Prauge. I had a seriously unhealthy amount to drink (its so cheap over there its hard not to), came on to a load of random girls, and then ruined the hotel room with puke. They had to throw out the bed xD Captcha: slow down! bit late for that methinks

    Books you regret reading

    Jomin's art of war (don't want anyone to get it confused with the work by Sun Tzu of the same name, as Sun Tzu's The Art of War is worth reading) is outdated and the theories within are inherently flawed. This is a man who annoyed Napoleon so much he was given command of a division just to get...

    Books you regret reading

    I'm reading them now for my dissertation, absolutely fascinating read. I would also reccomend Lost Victories by Field Marshall von Manstein The sing le wors book i have ever read however is The Art of War by Antoine Henri Jomini. And absolutely awfull book. I can't believe if formed the basis...

    Poll: Do you buy cage eggs?

    you can't buy individual eggs here and from whatbi can tell they also cost more. As a student living on £20 a week if i'm lucky (that money is for things like transport as well as food) i buy cheap tinned stuff that doesn't spoil if you don't eat it fast enough.

    Poll: Do you buy cage eggs?

    eggs are a luxuary that i can rarely afford so i always buy whats cheapest. if some chickens have to suffer for it so be it

    Should P. Diddy's son return his scholarship money?

    It seems to me four things are evident. 1. He earned that scholarship 2. He deserves to whatever he wants with the money he earned 3. America needs to sort its education system the fuck out. It should not cost that much money to go to university. 4. Most people here don't understand how...