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    What futuristic technologies will exist in real life?

    Functional immortality seems to be one of those things that we can reach through many alternative paths, even if one of them turned out to be dud, yet people tend to underestimate it's likelihood as "too good to be true".
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    Jimquisition: Editing Versus Censorship. Like the video but I wonder...

    Legally speaking, the "bosses" are part of the entity that is "the creator", as much as the writer, the painter, the letterer, and any member of the staff. Them having an internal debate, is not censorship any more than a movie's director modifying the work of it's screenwriter, or an actor...
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    Anti piracy in PC games?

    Yes, in real life it is, because we are accustomed to the fact that everyone has the ability to see it anyways. If until the last 20 years ago, you would have needed to buy special goggles to see them, and those would have been sold by pyrotechnicians for a profit, until a technological...
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    Anyone write Fanfiction?

    I've just recently started to try my hand at writing, I started with a fanfic of Worm on The community around there is especially high quality, so I'm easily in the worst quintile of writers there, but hey, there is my room for improvement.
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    Anti piracy in PC games?

    Because piracy CAN be stopped. The very expectations that you have about organizing the gaming industry in a way that "you pay for the unrestricted use of one copy", feed into the justification to keep regulating file-sharing through DRM. No one pirates Wikipedia. No one pirates radio shows...
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    Anti piracy in PC games?

    Yet, this is exactly the argument that you use to justify libraries, just because there are practical limitations on them that still make them rivalous goods. Piracy, as an act of rulebreaking, is not a solution, but it's not the source of the problem either, the very framing of the rules is...
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    Anti piracy in PC games?

    But if all these practices are excused by the practical reality of the industry still being sustainable, then what makes them different from piracy as it exists in real life? After all, even if there is some hypothetical possibility that "if everyone would pirate the industry would...
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    Frozen 2 Confirmed

    I love Frozen, and I love sequels. even love Lion King 2. So in general, it's cool with me. I'm only afraid that they would inevitably end up pairing Elsa up with with a dude. Elsa/Merida OTP!
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    Escapist Podcast: 172: Why Did the Dress Make Bigger Headlines than Nimoy or Net Neutrality?

    Nimoy's death was just a thing that happened. Old actors tend to die. Not much to say beyond RIP. The dress was actually a debate, with idiots going on about how everyone who sees it differently must be colorblind, or that the whole thing must be a marketing trick and there is no way we are...
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    Valve's VR Headset is "Vive", And is a Collaboration With HTC

    The Kickstarter backers have received all of their rewards years ago, including the actual expensive developer headsets that the money's bulk was spent on and that made the higher reward tiers valuable. Even if you were right that Oculus is screwed on the market, (rather than just holding...
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    Is The Dress Blue or White? Why The Internet Just Lost Its Mind

    I think you are seeing the same image as the white and gold people, you are just being more literal about how the actual pixels are technically light blue. (which no one really denies, but most people would still describe light blue pixels on such a photograph as representing a white fabric in...
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    Is The Dress Blue or White? Why The Internet Just Lost Its Mind

    Only as much as anyone can see them as black and blue. Yes, the pixels themselves are clearly brown and light grey, but they are the same shade that would normally be used for white and gold in a shade, NOTHING AT ALL like the dark blue and black that other people claim to see, and that is...
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    Is The Dress Blue or White? Why The Internet Just Lost Its Mind

    Nope. I've seen the same picture on the same monitor with my sister. Firt we both saw it as gold and white, then the screen jolted for a moment (stupid touchpad), and by the time I scrolled it back, she was swearing it must a different, black and dark blue picture, while I was still seeing the...
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    Isn't it a bit strange how people seem to think of anime as "one thing"?

    Eh. I'm a "gamer" too, even though I mostly just play a handful of genres, and I would prefer a good TV show over a multiplayer shooter. People categorize their fandoms and communities in weird ways. Also, Japan is pretty much the only country outside of North America that has a...
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    Visual Novels; their place in the gaming world?

    There might have been some demand for slow paced games in general, but if history has gone a bit differently, with real time games ivented first, then turn based mechanics wouldn't have made intuitive sense, destined to be invented. Other non-action-based forms would have been invented instead...