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    T-Shirt Artist Transforms Adult Annoyances Into NES Games

    A bit off topic but: I know right! Only a handful of people make pixel-art that legitimately looks like it is from the 8-16bit era. It sort of reminds me of how the steampunk art-style went down hill.
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    T-Shirt Artist Transforms Adult Annoyances Into NES Games

    OH COOL! Native advertising! On a side not, I am the only one sick of seeing the pixelated art style so much? It is everywhere and on essentially everything.
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    Crowdfunding Campaign Aims to "Besiege" Valve with Gabe Newell Impersonators

    I don't get it. Egging on the developer like this will not get the game out the door. In fact, valve may just "cancel" HL3 if they go through with this. Although I have to say, this is still a better idea than the live action minecraft movie.
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    We Could See a Minecraft Movie From Night at the Museum Director

    This is the worst idea any human begin has ever had?.. Ever. Even worse than the minecraft novels and guides?.
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    Video Game Kickstarter Contributions Plummet in 2014 - Update

    Not surprised. With failures like Broken Age and some games being developed, the trend has died down. It may kick up again one we see more success stories.
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    GameStop Interested in Selling Used DLC

    Buying, selling, and trading used virtual games and DLC? This is something I can get behind. Sure, you probably won't get a a lot of money for trading in a downloadable, but at least the option is available.
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    GamerGate's Image Problem

    The biggest problem with gamergate is that the people against it do not see the entire picture. Most anti-gamergate folks are unaware of most issues like the mailing list, doxxing by Quinn and Leigh, feminist support of gamergate, notyourshield, and ect. They only look at the surface and...
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    Gone Home Custom Map Lands In Counter-Strike

    Finally someone made Gone Home a game!!!
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    Houston, We're Returning to Manned Space Flights

    FINALLY! It is time to stop fucking around and get our asses back into space. We need a moon-base ASAP!!! Maybe after Mars base?
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    The most irredeemably evil bastard in any videogame

    The 2d Spacemen you play in Space Station 13 Murder, cannibalism, framing , terrorism, scamming, drug dealing, theft, treason, torture, illegal weapon selling, kidnapping?. Everyone who has played SS13 has done these things and constantly try to find an excuse to do these things. It is so...
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    EA: We Never Want to Be Named Worst U.S. Company Again

    EA attempt to not look shit #1685342468737685 The only thing EA can do to not get such an award again would be to stop being anti-consumer. Which we all know will not happen within our children's grandchildren's life time.
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    We Did It Escapists! :D

    It hits home the most. It makes us all think what other kinds of shit is being covered up by gaming journalists. It makes us wonder how much more corruption is in the industry. We all knew it was bad before, but this gave us all a clear message that it is far worse than we have thought.
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    Battlefield Hardline - Does the game's subject matter bother you?

    No. I am more worried about the money system for unlocks being used for mircotransactions.
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    Sims 4 won't be reviewed until after release EA not giving out early review copies.

    I hope this game bombs so hard the EA shuts down. They have done NOTHING but make The Sims 4 a shitty cash grab. The first Sims game has more features than The Sims 4. It is obvious that EA should not have control of ANY game studios or IPs at all.
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    Controversial Designer Matt Ward Leaves Games Workshop

    Funny, I was recently reading about this guy? Well it looks like it is a good time to get back into 40k! Now if only the models didn't cost an arm and a leg.