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    Modern Warfare 2 Kicks UK Sales Record's Ass

    Depends what part your from to be honest. Im from the Bristol area and i say holy crap not oh my.
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    The reasons i perfer Runescape to wow

    Congratulations, you've commited social suicide with the WoW gamers and lost the respect of all other MMO players. Runescape is a decent game but its hardly the best, and when stacked up against WoW, nearly the biggest soul sucking game in the universe, you just can't win. There are a lot of...
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    Steam - Worth it, or overpriced?

    I find steam well worth the money. meny of time i find myself dropping my cds and damageing them by acident now this pisses me off when that happens. i would rather put the extra to download it and not have to worry about my cds.
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    What is your Favourite soft/fizzy drink Escapist?

    I like coca cola and normal pepsi the most.
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    Diablo III

    How can a first person shooter/RPG Game be summed up to a third person RPG Game?
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    The Last Game.

    penumbra before that killing floor
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    Worst reason you ever heard for not liking a band.

    emo! thats what most of my friends say when they listen to my music
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    the new elder scrolls 5 shadowrealm, general discussion

    Wow only 3 you must be more stupid then i am.
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    What Video Game has Eaten The Most Time in your Life?

    morrowind, oblivion,diablo 2 and runescape (covers ears for screaming haters)
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    Ideas for improvements or new perks for Modern Warfare 2?

    funny enough ya i have and all i seem to see is people like 17+ screaming like children
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    the new elder scrolls 5 shadowrealm, general discussion

    they would not make such a dumb move then they wouldant be able to realease it on xbox and i hgihly dought they would ditch it now
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    Poll: Best Devloper

    there is no best dev its all down to who caters for who
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    Poll: The Halo series have average single-players with solid multiplayer.

    where is the just another flame war topic choice?
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    biggest flaw in a console

    allso most of the time its down to heat problems so the 360 cannot be singled out since all consoles do it
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    Poll: Which console has the best exclusives so far?

    I sometimes think the topic starters enjoy flame wars. All i see now when i come on the escapist is which console should i get or halo sucks balls posts. i mean why dose it even matter to you what console others like as long as your enjoying your console. That's all that should matter or has the...