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    Poll: Forum Trolls whats worse thing they do?

    Your exactly right, I meant Trolls tend to be the afformentioned names but I am sorry that it sounded like i was catagorizing haters jerks and elitists as Trolls whoops good catch on your part! Also as a third option "those who don't even pull it off well?" good point, And a forth Lingo...
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    Poll: Forum Trolls whats worse thing they do?

    Through my internet browsing years i noticed it apears you cannot go to a single forum for fun without running into "haters, jerks, and elitists" a.k.a. Trolls. So one question comes to my mind "what is the worst of their two evils?"
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    Poll: Is the term "Art" overused?

    Agreed good show on this, also if you have to "ask" someone to look at things in a different light then your doing it wrong!
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    Doomsday Arcade: Episode 19

    Use the respawner duh UT3 style!!! no one captured their flag so they have to come back.
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    Games that suck, but you still had fun playing.

    Dare I say DMC4, nothing new, killed the old story writers and the whole "lets do the same thing again game mechanic"... but it was pretty, smooth, and addicting despite female characters needing their own physics engine, nuf said!