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    Dante vs. Kratos....

    If it's in a cutscene Dante he can't be killed in a cut scene no matter what happens to him but out of a cut scene Kratos with ease.
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    I'm an Orphan now

    I lost both parents in a three year period I found out about my mother's passing on my 23rd birthday two weeks after it happend we had been dug in the Arma mountains and they couldn't get word to me. I'm sorry for your losses and hope things go up from here.
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    Horrible Birthday.

    I just seen supermse's post today is their birthday too they lost a parent so I guess you both have a shitty birthday this year birthday's always suck this close to christmas.
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    how would you like to die?

    Like my uncle did peacefully in my sleep not screaming like the passengers of the bus he was driving.
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    Are sequels ever really worse than the originals?

    The original Syphon Filter was far better than the second one the original Mercenaries was better than the sequal it happens alot.
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    Japanese Fallout: New Vegas Ads Hate On JRPGs

    Pretty funny considering for Obsidian to not totally fuck this game up it just has to be Fallout 3 with a different backdrop.
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    What is your avatar...and why?

    Mine is a Mossberg Roadblocker it's in a place of honour because my real Roadblocker saved me from having my head removed on tv and I like my head where it's at I know it's not much to look at but I've grown attached to it.
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    Quiz: The Fantasy Hero in YOU...

    I got Agent Smith.
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    Your FOXHOUND Name!

    I got Ice Anaconda.
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    The Uselesness of Flamethrowers

    Sticking an M1 Garand through the window of a pillbox doesn't do shit if it has walls to hide behind fill the fucker up with fire and walls don't mean shit.But you must be one crazy son of a ***** to wanna wear a bomb on your back.
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    Poll: Service Rifles the An-94 Abakan most accurate full auto I have ever used and with the two shot burst in five minutes of practicing with it I was putting both rounds through...
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    Your favourate t-shirt

    My men who wear sandels tshirt.
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    Closest you've gotten to accidently killing your self

    We had just come off a raid in Kirkuk and we had stopped because we had found some showers we could use and my buddy had a bag in the back of a Humvee with some toiletries so I grabbed it not thinking of the fully loaded 24k gold Makarov pistol or the possibility of a sniper in a warzone.Well I...
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    How long has it been since you played your PC?

    Haven't even seen my pc since November of 2009 I wonder if it's even still a relevent machine for games.
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    G4 changed for the worse?

    Ha ha,now all you younger escapist know what us old timers went through when mtv stopped playing music videos.