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    Zero Punctuation: E3 2016

    I can't help thinking his name is spelled Patrick Childe-Mellesta.
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    Investigating Overwatch's Stingy Loot System

    Hm. There's one other random factor I think, since we don't know if the loot selection is "fair" or not. If it's totally random (weighted for rarity) or does it possibly lean towards things you don't already have? I don't know if it's ever been explicitly stated. But for the most part I...
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    Beware: Windows 10 May Update Windows 7-8 While You Are AFK - Update

    Same here. I've even tried to manually update to 10, but the attempt fails and it reverts itself back to 7. It's annoying, the people who don't want Windows 10 apparently are getting it forced on them, and the people who actually do want 10 can't seem to get it. :P
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    Where Are The Marvel Games?

    I vaguely recall the Hulk games being decent, but I think those were before Marvel really established its movie juggernaut status. My concern is that, as you know, developing a game worth playing takes time, so usually you get shitty movie tie-ins because they have to be rushed to meet the film...
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    How Witcher 3 Breaks all the Rules

    Serious talk then.. what does The Witcher 3 do wrong? Anything? Nothing is perfect so it must have flaws of some sort. Is it.. is it Gwent? Is Gwent the flaw? (I really don't get into Gwent, anyway)
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    Another Lazy Grey Art Day

    I'm more a Yellow Fedora kind of guy, admittedly.
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    SOMA is Something Unique in Gaming - Reveal Driven Drama

    I was on the fence with SOMA, I'd heard it was good and I liked Amnesia, but I was wary it was another "scary" game that didn't have anything to say. But it sounds like SOMA has plenty to say and doesn't rely on the tired "monster jumps out at you" thing to get its point across.
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    I've often wondered that about the MK universe. I always had this suspicion that there's some property at work in Outworld that makes fighters able to take incredible punishment.. up to a point. I mean you can hit someone with the same X-Ray move more than once and the previously shattered...
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    What Makes the Technology in Grand Theft Auto V So Great

    This article makes me think about something I noticed last night while playing Sleeping Dogs. There's lot of detail and the shops look unique... but it was bothersome when I noticed the same Italian restaurant three times on the same street. Other storefronts were repeated on that street too...
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    Bring Your Daughter to Murder Day

    And what I wanted to say for myself, reading this article made me think. How about a story where the player character is a mother with a young son to protect from whatever the bad guys in this particular story are? I think that would be pretty interesting to see and/or play through.
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    Bring Your Daughter to Murder Day

    That and Conservation of Detail. If the asthma inhaler has nothing to do with the story, you don't show it, because it's an extraneous detail. I feel Chekov's Gun is more about showing something early so when it does become important later it doesn't seem like it came out of nowhere. Though...
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    Why the Game's Title Should Have Been Dragon Age: Impositions

    Yikes. Considering all the good things I'd heard about DA:I, I'm surprised this hasn't come up. That sounds like a very.. unpleasant system. Beyond that "you're letting your group down" mentality, I worry that it also results in people who don't pay in falling behind their friends who do...
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    The Big Picture: Cooking Show - A Look at Too Many Cooks

    You talk about Williams Street, but no mention of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast? That's the creation I'll always remember most fondly.
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    Zero Punctuation: Firefall - Proof That Jetpacks Make Everything Better?

    Those people who buy the cosmetic items or the VIP boosts or the fancy cash motorcycles or what have you are who keep it running. Even the people who just buy some cash shop currency to trade for the auction house currency to get gear faster, they're also paying for the game so the "I won't...
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    The Surprising Things About Elder Scrolls Online

    In all honesty, it's the price point that's stalling me from getting into this game as much as I'd like to. It's fun, and I'd be able to justify that $15 a month to play it, but slapping down the initial $60 is just... I dunno, sixty just feels like too much, particularly for my budget.