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    Poll: Which generations of Pokemon do you "recognize"?

    I can name all the pokemon from the first gen and most from the second. After the second gen i kinda felt that the pokemons where getting... I don't know.. too far out there, if that makes sense to you
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    You heard of New Zealand?

    Here's what I know: sheeps, LoTR, kiwi bird, and ..uhm.. sheeps. Also I can point it out on the map in an instant. (go me!) In other words I don't know much...
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    Poll: Has your taste in music changed over time?

    I've always had a mixed music taste. I've gone from listening to pop, alt. rock and classical to the more heavy stuff. ATM I listen classical, Jazz, Blues, hip hop and classic rock. I hardly listen to any of my old favorites anymore
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    Skyrim spawns a meme.

    Saw one variation i liked on a LoL video: I took an arrow to the knee.. but then i ate an orange and it was k
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    Skyrim Child Killing Mod

    If your argument against killing children is based upon my moral standings, then it's no where near "half-assed" to use the same argument against a "common" murder. Killing a child is not "more" wrong than killing an adult! It seems like it basicly comes down to this: Killing a child is wrong...
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    Skyrim Child Killing Mod

    Let me see if I get this right. It's not okay wanting to kill a kid in real life therefore not okay in a game. But it's perfectly alright to join the Dark Brotherhood? That's just silly. By that logic it's cool if you want to kill someone as long as they are adults. I will not download that...
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    Poll: Empire or Stormcloak?

    Oh yeah? As a High Elf mage, you can suck on my fire balls! Anyway I also have a Wood Elf who's fed up with the Empire, and just wants to spill their guts.
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    Poll: Empire or Stormcloak?

    Go to Solitude to join the Empire. Felt like the only true choice for a High Elf ^^
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    I am absolutely flabbergasted

    I'm sorry if it seemed like flaming. I didn't mean to cause any offense. When I hit reply your post was the last one. I opened the thread and left because i found something intresting on another page which i read first :D
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    I am absolutely flabbergasted

    He's not a biologist. He got a bachelor's degree in civil engineering and a Ph.D in hydraulic engineering. Impressive but not biology. Furthermore Creation Science is not science. There are 8 creteria which must be met for something to be called science. Creation Science fails 4 of them.
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    "Wait, how is that offensive?!"

    My school went with "Words are tools, and like all tools they can hurt." Anyway, people would find me VERY hard to offend, but on the other hand I'm very careful not to offend anyone. My mother thought me not to offend, and my father don't really give a shit, so I turned out like a combination.
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    Marijuana - Advice?

    Just a question here.. Where did the "It's not bad for you" Idea come from. I'm genuinely curious about that. If anyone happen to know a scientific study that shows how it's (not) harmful, I would like to see it. My own limited personal experience tells me that people who smoke seem rather...
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    Skyrim Bughunt

    If you complete the quest it should allow for an extra transformation each day and no randoms.
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    Skyrim Bughunt

    Walked through solid rock. That's how sneaky my assassin is!
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    How Many Hours have you put into Skyrim this weekend?

    35 hours. Level 31 Wood Elf assassin. Truly awesome game !