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    Movie Defense Force: Silent Hill

    i liked the second one more (i'm a serious silent hill fan, check my username)
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    Anyone else out there not really get hangovers?

    drink a 12 pack of tecate ad let me know what happens
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    Poll: Help me understand

    it didn't impress me, it satisfied me.
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    What's YOUR Top 10 Games of the Past Console Generation?

    sadly, i havent played a lot for some years now so i can just name all the games i've played king of fighters xiii (this i play regularly) super street fighter iv aracde edition 2012 update (just mastered one character) silent hill homecoming (played through 1 it and a half times) portal...
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    Poll: What's Your Favorite PlayStation 2 Game of All Time?

    If the question was which you think is the best game I might have voted MGS3 but since you asked for favorite I voted SH2
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    Simulated Mars Mission Turned Astronauts Lazy

    Throw in some women. Have them do stuff to impress them to win sexy prizes.
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    Is this Pirating?

    I dont think the backup argument aplies since you cant lose your steam copy. I also dont think it aplies if the copy isn't from the same source/format and for the same destiny/plataform (I might not be explaining myself correctly)
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    Biggest plot holes in games

    Silent Hill 3. They need heather to birth god but they keep trying to kill her. I know they need her tu feel pain and suffering and if she dies valtiels resurrects her but in that case she could just chill the hell out.
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    Escape to the Movies: Les Miserables

    who said they will stop making x-men movies?
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    Jimquisition: Epic Hole (B Mine Cliffy)

    I'm amazed by your basketball skills.
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    Escape to the Movies: Django Unchained

    Whats so awesome/cool about that guy telling his thoughts with the back to the camera?
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    Your Favorite Game That You Never Played

    too many to count, including Obscure 1 and 2 Siren Fatal Frame 1 and 2 Metro (number here) Amnesia the dark descent... wait, probably this is it.
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    How do you take being beat by a girl On games?

    I'm like, are you single? ;) consider i only play fighting games
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    The Big Picture: The Best Movies of 2012

    I have a huge to-watch list, i haven't seen any of these, TDKN, looper and many more. I know, i've been living under a rock.
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    Jimquisition: The Sh*tiest Games of 2012

    I hoped I read that wrong, I wish I had.