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    Pen & Paper RPG Torg Being Revised For 2016 Release

    Great news! I've been in a TORG group running weekly games for the past ten years. I highly recommend it. Great system, great setting. The drama deck, in particular, is a genius touch.
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    3 Years Later: Mass Effect 3 Ending Revisited [spoilers!]

    That is a perfect summation of a central problem with the ending. Bravo.
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    3 Years Later: Mass Effect 3 Ending Revisited [spoilers!]

    I agree with the OP. It was a terrible ending, out of keeping with the tone of the trilogy up to that point. It was also logically incoherent. The Extended Cut improved it in some ways, but fundamental issues remain. It didn't change enough to save the ending. I like to think of the...
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    BioWare Cancels Shadow Realms RPG Development

    I hadn't heard anything about this since the teaser trailer, which looked really intriguing, so I was disappointed to hear of this cancellation. Now that I know more about the direction of the project, I'm not bothered. Multiplayer isn't really my thing.
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    [SPOILERS] Dargon Age: Inconclusion

    I found the villain to be rather lacklustre, particularly at the very end. The final fight was boring. However, I was very interested by some other developments at the end. Overall, I think the best writing came from the companion plots and the Fade section. Combat was generally fun...
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    Neverwinter Nights?

    I love NWN mainly for the community of module-builders, scripters, custom content-makers, etc. It's still quite alive today. :)
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    Dragon Age is Back in a Big Way with Dragon Age: Inquisition

    I'm not sure what the point of character syncing is, apart from importing the name of the character. However, the point of the Keep itself is to select choices that you made in DA:O and DA2, so that DA:I can take account of it. It's well worth it!
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    No Right Answer: Is Game of Thrones Overrated?

    You are entitled not to like Game of Thrones. I won't tell you you're wrong not to like it, because you have the right to personal taste. However, for the sake of debate, here are some responses to some of your points. You are mistaken in thinking that there's nothing about the white...
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    Game of Thrones and House of Cards Combine in Brilliant Spoof

    Impressed by the production values, but not particularly amused. I don't enjoy how unchallenged Frank is in HoC and how easy it is for him to get his own way. While this video managed to parody the heck out of that, by making Frank's victories *even* easier, I'm not sure that was its intention.
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    Dragon Age: Retribution

    I enjoyed this a lot. Great plot and characters. The Dragon Age feel is very authentic. Thanks for writing and sharing!
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    A mod ruined Skyrim for me.

    As I was just saying in another thread, I love Civ IV mod Fall from Heaven II so much that I have no interest in playing vanilla Civ IV anymore. I haven't even played Civ V beyond the demo. FfH2 has more replayability than anything else I've played.
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    Sid Meier: Too Much Complexity Can Kill Genres

    Personally, I an a huge fan of the added complexity of the best Civ IV mods - especially Fall from Heaven II, with its amazing magic, hero and Armageddon systems, with every civ and religion having at least one unique mechanic. I can't even remember the last time I played vanilla Civ.
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    A Human Day

    Beautifully poignant. I'm really happy to see some work that makes me feel positively about Mass Effect. (I do read some great Mass Effect fanfic by Sinvraal, but apart from that I don't have much else.)
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    The Design of Consuming Shadow

    I've been really, deeply enjoying (and being terrified by) Consuming Shadow... but I totally agree!
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    UPDATE: Try Yahtzee Croshaw's New Game Consuming Shadow

    Finally beat this. :) What really helped was starting to note down the clues offered by bodies and coloured runes. It would be good if there was a section in the note journal where one could type in one's own observations, rather than having to always tab out to a text file or keep a physical...