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    Your skill level compared to your friends

    Better at fighters than most people, competent but generally worse at shooters, and generally competent at anything else. I never tried RTS so that doesn't count. Pretty damn good at turn based RPG. Boss battles that stump people aren't that bad for me.
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    Petition to build statue of Master Chief in White House front lawn.

    I'm amazed how many people are going all serious business about this. I doubt it's for real, but it's funny. YES!
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    I really didn't like Assassin's Creed 3. Here's why.

    I think I'll give you part of that. AC2's recharging health only restored the most recently damaged square, which is nigh useless in the grand scheme of things. I also believe that enemies never gave more than money when looted. In that case, then there is some need to remember to stock up...
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    I really didn't like Assassin's Creed 3. Here's why.

    I just want to address your health bar issue specifically. The first game had a recharging health bar. The Ezio games had healing items. You were never in danger if you were any good at the game because healing itmes were way too cheap to buy and you could pause time to heal whenever you needed...
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    Your bad gaming habits

    Not a bad habit, really, but I could be more helpful and more annoying if I actually use the mic. I'll say little criticisms or potential corrections out loud during multiplayer games (primarily TF2), but don't actually talk in chat. Credit to the team, I am not. A pretty nice Medic anyway, I...
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    Poll: The Majora's Mask Debate

    I'll definitely agree on all of those points and especially on atmosphere. There is always a lingering sense of urgency underlining everything you do. The time limit isn't horribly pushy since you can slow time, but it's there and you know that you can't take forever. You do have time to explore...
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    Which Social Link would you be?

    It might be good if you could give us the meanings of the Reverse Arcanas too. Just because. They're generally just take what you have and make it opposite or negative in some way, but not all of them are really simple off of these descriptions.
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    Nintendo Won't Abandon the Wii

    True enough I guess. I somewhat remember that they dropped the old consoles completely once their successors took on a ginormous part of the market share and I don't remember it being quite so long, but point taken nonetheless. I don't have much faith in my ability to tell time anyway lol.
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    Nintendo Won't Abandon the Wii

    If I remember correctly, didn't they say the same thing about not leaving the GBA and Gamecube behind for the DS and Wii respectively? We know how that worked out.
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    How was I meant to know THAT?!

    Dark Souls is incredibly vague and leaves you to guess at a load of things, but it wasn't that bad in the tutorial. It does tell you how to equip items (the "Get your shield!" part). You were supposed to dodge inside the room where the shield was and the signs inside tell you how to equip it...
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    Persona 4 Arena discussion thread.

    I take some offense to that. The guys at Atlus seem like they really put work into this and I am an avid BlazBlue fan, so I've been sold a while ago. To each his own though.
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    Persona 4 Arena discussion thread.

    Maining Yukiko because she's Yukiko. I think I've become slightly spoiled on projectiles from maining Lambda anyway. I'll sub Yu to mix things up a little. This looks like some reverse of my BlazBlue starting days. I mained Ragna and started subbing Hakumen, Bang, and Lamda some time later. I...
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    Games that are better on easy

    I wonder exactly how much time I sank into Mirage Arena. You easily become overleveled for any story bits if you beat a can beat a level after every few worlds you visit. I clocked out of Terra's story (on Critical) at about 27 hours. Granted, I got pretty damn close to 100% completion, but...
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    Let's Talk About *GASP* GAMES!

    I just want to throw an agreement vote for your last thought. Variety and KOTOR 3. I don't know exactly how I feel about everything getting an HD remake nowadays. It's nice that the kids can play what we played, but it wasn't that long ago when we were playing them. I feel like it means the...
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    RAGE QUIT!!!1!11!! >:(

    I was almost wondering if I was the only one. And I know that nobody is ever the only one. Ditto on the no-rage thing. I'll give up if it's hard, but I'll come back. Hell if I let a game beat me unless it's a genre that I just don't play.