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    Game that sucked you in the most?

    KOTOR and Fallout 3 sucked me in pretty quickly, as did Bioshock.
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    Worst sound to hear in a game?

    The sound my 360 makes when I turn it off after it freezes. A horrible high pitched squeak as it dies.
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    How many teabags in one play? (HALO 3 online play)

    I never teabag. I have a sense of honour when I play. I just shoot the corpse if I'm frustrated.
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    Who's the Baddest Sci-Fi Species of All Time?

    The Borg has always been an interesting race, even if Voyager didn't help their status. I've always had a soft spot for the Daleks and the Flood. I just seem to like evil aliens that want to consume and destroy everything.
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    For best I'd have to say some of the ones of the orange box, like One Free Bullet and Rocket man For worse I'd have to go with Bulletwitch. Complete the game on the hardest difficulty......for 1 gamerscore!
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    Zero Punctuation: MadWorld

    I love the use of sarcasm there. To me the Wii is dead. There a few games that still give me very faint hope for the system, but I feel it was a waste of my money, as I barely use it.
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    Poll: Fred...

    I despise him with a passion. My sister loves him. I simply find him annoying.
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    Zero Punctuation: MadWorld

    Hmm...Madworld was my hope for a mature audience on the Wii, along with HOTD and the Conduit later this year. There's so few games on it that I'd want to play on it, I think I have to agree with Yahtzee and hope developers give up on the system and focus on the other two for the mature audiences.
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    U.K. Group Calls For Female Doctor Who

    I say bring back Romana. Then they can have their female timelord and we can have a male Doctor. Problem solved.
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    Mass Effect 2 Speeds Up Elevator Rides

    Hmmm......when the game is installed to your hard drive, the load times are a little quicker, but I never really had a problem with the elevator sequences, it was better than a giant loading scene breaking the immersion and they were done pretty well, with news reports in the background talking...
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    Zero Punctuation: Halo Wars

    Thanks for quoting me. If he didn't finish it, he can't really give a fair view on it, my like I think his overall opinion on the entire franchise is a little biased as he's only played Halo 3, and that's one of the weakest in the series. I agree. Ensemble really did put some effort in...
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    Zero Punctuation: Halo Wars

    I personally thought the X-blades review was pretty good. If you guys really want to see a bad imitation of Zero Punctuation, I suggest you go onto youtube and type Zero Punctuation in. There a plenty of very bad videos on there.
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    Poll: The Art of Theft

    Played it briefly today. I thought it was a decent side scroller once I got used to the controls.
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    Zero Punctuation: Halo Wars

    Yes, the sounds of dogs screaming in pain when I have my mike in when I play the game never gets old. Wait.....
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    Zero Punctuation: Halo Wars

    I say that mission was hard to get through, and I did use tanks and Wolverines to get through it, after chipping away at each base. I concur with that scenario. I'd like to add, just because I'm part of Halo's fanbase, I haven't ever had the inclination to fornicate with a dog.