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    Zero Punctuation: Transformers: War for Cybertron

    Sorry Yahtzee, you really don't get it, but that's fine. Different strokes to different folks. I greatly enjoyed the game. It is rather ironic how old cartoons that were made to sell toys actually had decent plot, y'know, bad guys fucking shit up, good guys kicking their ass. It's not...
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    Unskippable: Magna Carta 2

    Why was that chick's head way way smaller than her boobs? This wasn't even the case of boobs being unrealistically large, this was a case of head being really damn small. What the hell?
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    First Look at Fallout: New Vegas

    Oh man, the game sounds more and more like STALKER in Nevada. Which is in no way, shape or form a bad thing, quite the opposite.
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    Videogames as Art

    It's funny. Music is art, literature is art, visual art is, well, art, cinematography is art, so how can games, the combination of all the former types of art, be anything but art? It's a fallacious opinion and it holds no ground.
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    Unskippable: Dante's Inferno

    Wow, the cel-shaded parts seriously remind me of Metalocalypse.
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    Go Back To WoW

    It's pretty simple, really. Many, many MMO players have tried WoW at some point, and a large part of an MMO fanbase could be "WoW refugees", people that quit because they got fed up with the game, didn't like where it was going or were just flat out frustrated by the experience. As such, they...
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    An Anime to ease me into Anime.

    Cowboy Bebop should be a great introduction. Such amazing series.
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    On Audio Logs

    Actually, audio logs do work better than written-down stuff in such games, where you explore some place where shit hit the fan recently. "Blimey, there are zombies gnawing on my legs, oh my!" is a little bit easier to record in audio format, rather than doing the same in handwriting while said...
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    Piracy Numbers

    This is not true at all. Why? For the simple fact that DRMs are cracked, and cracked fast. It's an ineffectual defense that only keeps the law-abiding people that would never pirate anyway away from piracy. It's a control scheme, not means of prevention. Just consider this. Take Ubisoft's...
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    Piracy Numbers

    Where are those numbers coming from? Apart from the 85% piracy rate on Demigod, other two numbers are completely nebulous. How do you get that precise number? How do you tell that you lost 90% sales? Hell, how do you even tell that anyone in those 90% would've ever bought the game, in which case...
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    Fantastic article, Bob. I will definitely use that story about the boy and the aliens at some point, that was a brilliant fable about this matter.
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    That design is dependent entirely on personal preference. I can't tell what exactly is that thing supposed to be in that picture. Is that a minion? A main villain? The antihero or hero? A statue? I honestly can't tell. What I can tell is that it's someone in a platemail suit. That's about it. Is...
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    This article givs me two types of reactions. One is agreement on TF2 character design. It's perfect, one of the best designs for a video game ever. However the War thing... you're overanalyzing it. By a mile. I look at War, what do I see? A big, burly juggernaut-type dude with a huge sword...
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    Five Reasons Why The Old Republic Can?t Touch WoW

    Ugh, I don't even want to have TOR seen as competition to WoW. I don't want that playerbase in my Star Wars, I don't want them complaining how class X is OP, how class Y needs a buff and how it sucks that they are forced to do something for longer than one nanosecond that doesn't give them top...
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    Zero Punctuation: Torchlight

    Oh noes, an action RPG where you have to click a lot. Yeah right. Hold left mouse button and point where to go, hold left mouse button pressed over the enemy you want smashed, right one over the enemy you want zapped with majiks. It really isn't hard. The pathfinding is certainly a problem...