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    8 Zero Punctuation Videos You Should Have Already Watched By Now

    Top eight numbers, ranked in order of ascending numerals.
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    Spambots constantly on this forum

    Throwing more mods and hiring coders to create a capture for non pub club memebers worked in the past, why not do it again? Are we in the mad max universe? I've not been away that long for society to fade from this dark land?
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    Microsoft Announces Age of Empires: Definitive Edition - A 4K Remaster of the Strategy Classic

    Cool, if it's anything like AoE2 HD I'll love it.
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    M1911A1 or a new gaming PC?

    Get the gun, and a Raspberry Pi, and Drone, in which to create the best home defence droid ever. Seriously though, do what makes you happy, stay safe, and don't get married if you're happy enough with a pet cat, and a dildo.
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    So, it hasn't been raining for SIX MONTHS here, which is unprecedented....

    Will she bring the rain? or at least does she have good taste in what's on netflix? I have some snacks, and probably should not eat all of them.
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    Here's The Crappy Reward That You'll Get When You Find All 900 Korok Seeds in Breath of the Wild

    That's bold at least? I don't know if I have the time to collect 900 though.
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    Zero Punctuation: Nintendo Switch & Breath of the Wild

    It's a little dark soulsy, a little skyrimy, the difference being a that I like more than both of those games. Play it, it's great.
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    Nintendo Doesn't Consider Dead Pixels a Defect

    I wonder what Nintendo thinks about Australian consumer law.
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    Lindsay Lohan Wants a True Sequel to Mean Girls

    I want this too! Lindsay is a hero of mine, she beat addiction, mental illness, and Mean Girls is her best film.
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    Zero Punctuation: Final Fantasy XV

    I'll only play it if I can mod it to play as NSYNC
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    Super Mario Run Cannot be Played Offline

    Sure, but it's mostly ip theft, if you want to download paid apps for free you have to jail break, and who wants to go to all that effort?
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    Zero Punctuation: Watch_Dogs 2

    Can you visit the house from Charmed?
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    Zero Punctuation: Paper Mario Color Splash

    I'll just save my money by playing super paper mario again, while covering the WiiU gamepad in the Halloween stickers I recently bought.
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    Zero Punctuation: Mighty No. 9

    They were too busy crying like anime fans on prom night to care.
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    Zero Punctuation: The Division

    At least we got an enjoyable review out of it. The Ubisoft game is bland, and dumb.