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    Ultra-Wide Gaming

    Rats. DE:HR was on sale for something like 90% off on last week, and I didn't bite.
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    Ultra-Wide Gaming

    I'm a software engineer, so I look at a lot of code. I also occasionally fire up Blender, Inkscape, GIMP, Darktable, and the Kdenlive video editor, so having the extra real estate is very much appreciated. But this monitor is no slouch gaming-wise. It's a 10-bit IPS panel so it has beautiful...
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    Looking For a High-End GPU? Might Wanna Hold Off a Spell

    I've got a GTX-1070Ti in my box, because I can't see paying more than USD$500 for a GPU. NVIDIA's flagship GPUs are costing as much as whole PCs did just three years ago. Frankly, I don't see how it's sustainable.
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    Ultra-Wide Gaming

    I used to think UWQHD monitors (3440 x 1440) were silly -- what could you do with one of those that you couldn't do with a 4K, or a pair of 16:9 1440p monitors? Then I got one at work, and grew to really like it, so much so that, last week, I finally got one for myself. Last night, I spent a...
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    The PC building Thread

    That was a damned popular chip for a long time. The principal reason I didn't go for it was DDR4 had just come out, meaning that DDR3 would eventually become scarce and expensive. And since the half-life on my machines has averaged about seven years, I decided to go with an X99-based mobo with...
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    The PC building Thread

    This is my build, now just turned five years old. This was built just before AMD started killing it with the Ryzen series. Last year, I upgraded the GPU to a GTX-1070Ti. Late last week, however, arrived the newest toy -- an Acer XR342CK Pbmiiqphuzx (yes, that's the actual model number), which...
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    The Escapist + - Get Your Badge Here

    For the Legacy badge, may I suggest old parchment, or a cuneiform tablet motif? Or perhaps an acoustic modem...
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    The Escapist + - Get Your Badge Here

    You're gonna make me dig through my email, aren't you? (*grep, grep, grep...*) Joined Escapist+ 2020.04.22.
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    Legacy Users - Get Your Badge Here

    This what you needed?
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    Welp ProJared's career on the internet is now forever destroyed.

    Strenuous dissent [].
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    Publisher's Club discontinued

    Well hopefully somebody is minding the store...
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    Publisher's Club discontinued

    Dear Editor: Themis Media owes you twenty bucks. The auto-renew for my membership fired off yesterday. I've since disabled auto-renew on my end. BTW, you wrote back in August: How is it after nearly eight months no one's managed to hunt down and kill that bot? How many other...
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    The Big Picture: Q&A

    Yes, he did. []
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    The Big Picture: Plothole Surfers

    So. Bob... Approximately what percentage of your time these days is consumed creating Web content? I only ask because sometimes there were long gaps between movie reviews and episodes of In Bob We Trust, and I've mused to myself, "Well, dude probably has a day job..." Does your current...
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    Zero Punctuation: Spider-Man

    Off-Topic: As someone who's visited Destructoid maybe five times in the last ten years, could someone explain to me what all the off-handed snark against Destructoid is about?