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    Zero Punctuation: E.T. - "The Worst Game Ever" An interesting, albeit a bit more technical take on the ET game. Definitely worth a read for all you programming nerds out there.
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    Civilization V: A Brave New World Heralds Dawn With New Trailer

    I found the original Civ5 lacking compared to Civ4. But when G&K came out, things changed a fair bit, it added the much needed depth to the original game, and I really enjoyed playing it. With BNW, I think it'll get even better. Can't wait.
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    Double Fine Debuts Broken Age Teaser

    These high profile games will make or break the kickstarter model, I'm definitely intrigued to see what'll happen. FTL proved it can work for indies, but can it work for larger teams? Guess we'll wait and see. I can live with a bit of a cliched storyline, as long as they deliver a good game.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

    Guess I'm going to chime in. I seem to be the only one here, who wasn't impressed. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. It was OK at best. Didn't read the book (Read two LOTR books), never was a huge fan. I felt like in the 3 hours that I spent in the theater, nothing of substance...
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    Alpha Colony Misses Kickstarter Goal by $28

    Apparently someone donated 800$ in the last second, so even the developer couldn't chip in. (Apparently his wife was watching the countdown or something). One theory is, that apparently someone knew it wouldn't be funded so they pitched in to prove a point.
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    Kickstarter Mishap Cripples Venusian Adventure Game

    Project Update #21: Original $56k goal finally reached with the support of PayPal backers! New stretch goals! ;) Well... the news item is irrelevant now. This was sent earlier today.
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    Knytt Sequel Coming to PS3 and Vita

    awww.. no pixel art. Going to miss that, that was my favourite part of the first two knytt games.
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    Poll: Daniel Tosh threatens Woman with Gang Rape

    Seriously, someone slap the OP for creating a retarded poll. I for one think rape, as ALL things, is acceptable to joke about. I mean, at that point, we might as well stop all the dead baby jokes too. And cancer jokes... and nazi jokes.
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    Facebook is Watching You

    And yet another invasion of privacy in the name of protecting the children. I guess hoping that parents would teach kids about... let's say... how meeting up with creepy old people is a bad idea is too much to ask in this world.
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    Twitter Joke Goes to the High Court

    I'll just wait for the usual reaction on the escapist along the lines: "He deserved it. Everyone knows that terrorism scares are taken seriously these days." But yeah, it's bullshit. I still have no idea why anyone takes anything on the internet seriously.
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    CCP Reveals How Dust 514 and Eve Online Interact

    Yeah, because the stories where you meet a great bunch of guys and build up a cool corporation and generally just have fun tend to make for pretty boring news.
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    Gaikai Goes Up For Sale

    It's worth less than instragram. Just saying...
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    The Binding of Isaac Creeps Past 700k Sales

    Oh? What are they?
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    "Flame" Spy Virus May Be of U.S./Israeli Origin

    I was actually pointing out the hypocrisy that if the US does something, it's considered fine, but if someone else would do the same to the US, it would be considered an act of war, that's all.
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    "Flame" Spy Virus May Be of U.S./Israeli Origin Grats US on going into another war.