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    Why do girls on social networking sites "Duck Face"?

    Could you post a picture for reference? Because I have no idea what "Duck Face" means.
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    Poll: Tali Reveal

    How? What do you think people are expecting? That her face is made of golden breasts that shoot lasers? I think that most fans will be satisfied with just a pretty face. Its better than taking the mystery to your grave.
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    Stand-up Comedians

    Blasphemy! Jim Gaffigan is hilarious... I second the Bo Burnham, though not the Pablo Fransisco. The best: Brian Regan, Gabriel Iglesias, Carlos mencia, Mike Birbiglia, Craig Ferguson, Kevin Hart, and Jo Koy is Okay.
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    I hate being white....

    This. Racial guilt shouldn't be inherint. Unless you did those things yourself, Sstop being such a bleeding heart about it.
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    BioWare Asks Fans About Showing Tali's Face in Mass Effect 3

    I think they should finally show her face. The mystery has been fun, but now it would just be ridiculous to not unmask her. Can you imagine how many bioware fans lose sleep, just wondering what Tali's face looks like? Put them (and me) out of their misery. I don't get it when people say: "The...
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    Poll: Hi. I'm a brony.

    I don't understand, I'm not trying to knock it, because I've never actually seen it for myself but, I honestly can't imagine how anything with that name could garner such a large and positive response from such a vast age range. I just don't get what the hype is about.
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    The two protagonists of your two favorite games are fighting what is the fallout?

    Duke Nukem vs... Frogger. This does not bode well for one of them.
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    Name Conundrum

    My advice: keep your last name. You won't be able to shelter your hypothetical kids from everything. Childhood teasing is inevitable, regardless of last names. And in the grand scheme of things, its pretty inconsequential. Keeping your legacy alive however, is. At least if you ask me...
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    Jason Statham eyed for lead in Transformers 4

    Why does Jason Statham have to be in everything? Everything he touches either dies, or loses all integrity.
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    The main antagonist of the last game you played wants too have sex with you.

    Caesar's Legion? Its gonna be a long night.
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    Don't Trust Hackers: President Obama Not Dead

    Its not Fox News' fault. Any news station could've been hacked.
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    So I just got jumped last night...

    I hate to be the skeptic but, I have a hard time believeing any of that. I'll try to present my reasons for thinking so in organized points... 1.Your wording sounds a little off. One second you had seen a group of people, and the next, you shoes had been stolen? I can understand not wanting...
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    Poll: What Fallout game is the best? and Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas

    Still pulling information out of your ass, I see. But please, stop projecting, and feel free to follow up on all of my points, you'll find that they're quite true, unlike your many assumptions. But please, do tell how my points being unresearched (they aren't) make me easily distracted? More of...
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    Can You Read People?

    The pretenscious (is that how you spell it?) side of me wants to say yes, but... people are hard to read. I can only really know how they're feeling when I know them pretty well.
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    Poll: What Fallout game is the best? and Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas

    Hey thanks for all of those amusing pictures and youtube videos, they were much better than the response they substituted. Now that you don't have shit more to say thats relevant to your argument, you're just gonna troll with numerous distractions, all the while pretending that I'm... how did...