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    Poll: Fellow Oldscapists!

    Oh is that still a thing? Was unaware, ahh well, not really interested in that kinda thing anymore. Yeah I just gave up on this site tbh, no idea why just got a bit old I guess. I'm good, yourself? I've posted in it, but 'tis doubtful I'll become regular again really. Reddit too good...
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    Poll: Fellow Oldscapists!

    Hi guys, El Poncho sent me here, what's guanin? EDIT - Also, Mr Snuffles says hi. Where be the PRIATE peeps?
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    Some odd conversations with friends.

    Well urrm, me and my friend were having a joke argument over something and started shouting at each other (please note, it wasn't serious, which is why it was so damn funny), and then he made a point and shouted really loudly "SUCK IT *****", to which I responded, even louder mind, "THAT IS NO...
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    Happy Birthday to UnusualStranger!!

    Well urrm, happy birthday, even if I haven't talked to you for ages. When'd you get so many posts? I remember when I was on 4000 and you were on 200...
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    What are you Procrastinating from right now?

    Exam tomorrow. Hurrah!
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    Banned for a banner

    Dude, as much as that's true, and stupid, you wanna try actually adding to the discussion or what? As for my personal opinion, I think they should be warned that if they do it again they'll be banned, or anything of this nature again rather. It's not really about the message it's just...
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    Poll: What are You Asking for Christmas?

    Well, I only have two things that I vaguely think I want, and only one of those is a definite. The definite is H.P Lovecraft's Necronomicon, and the maybe is Castlevania: Stupid Subtitle, the newest one.
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    Poll: Are you getting The Goldeneye Remake?

    Nope, it's on the wii. If it was on computer or a different console, it would be another matter entirely.
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    Question of the Day, October 28, 2010

    Well uhh... No, I didn't see it coming, I must admit...
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    Question of the Day, October 28, 2010

    But what about the robot apocalypse? And yeah, I can't see the poll...
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    Poll: How honest do you think others on The Escapist really are?

    It depends entirely on subject matter. Most would be quite honest in regards to things they wouldn't admit in real life, but then they would bullshit about things that make them look awesome. The way of the internet, basically.
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    Minecraft down!

    Ninja'd! [] Details there.
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    Minecraft down!

    When you play Minecraft for 12 hours straight :P Urrm personally I can't remember...
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    Testicles - Let's talk about 'em

    Another guy kneed me there once in a half fight, so I beat the crap outta him. And a beyblade once bounced real hard into them.
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    Nintendo Pushes Wii Party as Way to Pick-Up Girls

    Oh my GOD. That was the funniest thing I've watched in ages. Like, seriously, that was beyond stupid... If this works, then I'm just going to have to do absolutely nothing.