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    Poll: What do you prefer: AMD or NVIDIA?

    I had both but lately i had mostly AMD graphic cards. And never had any issues with those - while in Nvidia i had a few (blue screens, vent at full speed sometimes....) The latest one is also AMD - R9 290, but next time i am sure to switch to Nvidia. Mostly because i am trying out linux and...
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    You have been forced to nuke a country.

    Interesting choices... I would let the world to be destroyed. Best to end it now, before we fly off this planet and start destroying other planets and slavering aliens.
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    GOG Says DRM Drives Gamers to Piracy

    Wouldn't agree completely. Price is a huge factor also. Add regional pricing where some people are forced to pay sometimes even double price for the game and you can see why pirating is a better alternative. Its free and its fair for everyone. Publishers who try to squeeze double amount deserve...
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    Poll: Is PC gaming really dying?

    PC gaming is not dying, but it very much dead for me. Let me explain. For me PC ports are really not worth the play. Narrow corridors, mostly animations instead of actual playing, one bullets for all weapons style simplification (i blame consoles and companies that try to pull more (stupid)...
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    Bulletstorm Demo Coming to PC, Eventually

    If demo isn't released before release, for me that is an indication that the game is bad. They want to lure naive people in buying the game before they realize that it is not what they expected.
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    Crysis 2 Dev Urges Fans Not to Pirate the Game

    As i see it, it is already a console game. Probable simplified so that it is possible to play on controller. And i guess i can expect a 3m wide corridor so that tards wont get lost and whine how bad the game is. But yea, i won't pirate it now. I will wait for complete game and then try it...
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    Metal music in your 20s

    Started listenening to metal from around when i was 10 years old. Death, Deicide, Sepultura... (i could go on for a whole page). At around 20 i started with jazz (Meola, Metheny, Lousier,..) but even today when im closing to 33 i still mainly listen to metal. Mostly old record, bacause this new...
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    Poll: Amnesia or Minecraft

    If you want a lasting game buy Minecraft. I have at least 50h in that game already and still counting, because we are building a huge castle together with friends. Amnesia - only bought, but have never played it. I read it last for about 7h (if you have the guts) but then you have little...
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    Piracy Outpacing Sales by 4:1, Says U.K. Game Body

    1. incomplete games to sell DLC later 2. sometimes intrusive DRM noone wants 3. regional pricing 4. PC games quality is low to say the least 5. no demo to try the game i could go on but i won't. Times that i was crying about these things are over. Now i will just go and download...
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    Poll: Why preorder? Why NOT preorder? (Day One DLC incentives)

    When/if i buy a game i want it to be complete. This leaves me to wait some time for so Ubber Ultimate All In One edition for cheap price. Alternative would be pay 50? for original and then a few 10? for DLCs....ammm no thank you. I have enough complete games to play so i won't miss this for a...
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    EA Unlocks Bonus Bad Company 2 Vietnam Map for Everyone

    EA strikes again. Why the fuck do they even announce these unlocks in the first place then? Heh.
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    I have had it with Valve

    I started to despise Vulva the day they announced L4D2, instead of the promised continuous support for L4D. They have good games, but i will never buy another game from them for more than 4,99?. Ever! (L$Dx is excluded and would only accept it for free).
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    Minecraft Shifting to Beta With Price Hike

    That really depends on the monthly income, doesn't it? :) When one gets 400? for his work its really hard to expect that he would see 10? as a low price.
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    So I just got S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat...

    One of the better games i ever played. These games really got me in the mood. What i liked most about them was - they were hard. Even a pack of dogs could eat you for breakfast if you were not careful. So glad that they never were released for consoles. I can only imagine bad things if they...
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    Concept: A medieval call of duty?

    Go play Mount&Blade:Warband. Kickass game, but it is hard to master and that will turn away some (n00bs). Whats best about the game - no perks, no levels, no K/D ratio. Just pure game.