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    The ORION Files (Closed/Started)

    Could they find out more about the box without causing waves? "I think so. We're pretty competent here." There was a fair deal of technical expertise here, and it was good sense for Elliot to question everything. Yeah, maybe Mary didn't like it, but she was the only one here with history...
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    Is this the worst plot twist ever?

    I have. I have to agree. It's one of the reasons I actually consider it as worse or MORE worse than...Manos.
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    At what point do you stop taking other people's arguments seriously?

    When I can hear air being wasted, or when I feel that my brain cells are being assaulted when I haven't been drinking. You know the feeling. You know what it's like. You know what it means.
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    Time Travel Violates Thermodynamics. Here's why

    I'm not going to dismiss it on the basis of a Fermi's Paradox (Asking where the time travelers are and concluding they don't exist because we can't see them.), and the less said about the paradox involved in trying to be the inventor first because you learned how from the real inventor, the...
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    The ORION Files (Closed/Started)

    Why was he not surprised? Why did it just not surprise him to find out the that reason Walker wanted them all for discussion was about a job that they weren't ready for AND that it was dubious by half? Elliot leaned back in his chair and let the drama unfold. First, after the brief and...
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    You like THAT?!

    I really don't see any particular proof that there is epic hatedom to anything I like. More to the point, my tastes can vary widely, so I couldn't possibly tell if the surprise is natural or just because you had no way to know.
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    The Prince of Nigeria has been arrested.

    They got it wrong. That email was in unbroken english.
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    Poll: A Drastic Measure to Save the Escapist - Mass Unbanning

    As much as there were people who were punished for...reasons, there were also those who needed it done to them. Unless you've got a filter for that, my answer is a firm NO.
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    Destiny 2 rolls back changes after Destiny 2 locks existing content behind paywall.

    I think Jim's right when he says that the companies have a gambling problem.
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    Anyone get the hate for Skyrim?

    I don't play Skyrim, so I must be considered neutral on the matter.
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    The ORION Files (Closed/Started)

    While they had sent out the call to Mar for their little test challenge, a message had popped up on their machine. Grace handled it on another console so that Elliot could talk with the Shree uninterrupted. It was from Captain Williams, which meant that it was important. He reported that not...
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    What do you want out of a Fantasy Setting?

    Having played in a number of fantasy worlds (both in tabletop and in video games), I come to understand that I can go with a wide range of fantasy options and be fairly content. Of course, with that in mind, I like trope-breakers the best.
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    In brief defence of Final Fantasy 8

    Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. That includes yours You don't need to preface it. Anyway, I criticised in an over-the-top and entertaining manner because it was actually the theme of the thread which I'd made. Even still, I just don't like all the various things that I described...
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    In brief defence of Final Fantasy 8

    Here, you need my link [] to the thread in question with my rant. I made it and favorite'd it because I got tired of re-writing the thing. Apologies for the...
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    The Batman Question

    Eh, a little make-up, he can play the part of 'old man who's actually badass'. Could work.