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    WTF is wrong with the weather?

    Good ol' climate change, best get used to it. (It's really, really shitty)
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    Poll: Best-looking Avenger

    My husband Clint, obviously. But long time swooning for Jeremy Renner sways that.
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    Picture thread? Picture thread

    Oh because some of us didn't get enough of your handsome in July Gaystar, amirite?
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    Happy Halloween! Show us your Costume!

    No Walter Whites yet? I'm surprised.
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    UK Retailer Breaks Pokemon X and Y Street Date

    My local GAME posted up a Facebook status telling people to come get it early. Not sure why it's so hard to keep to the original date though.
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    Where are you from? (New improved edition!)

    Welshland/Wales I don't seek out peopole with the same interest IRL, that seems kinda creepy and what the internet is for. I sometimes wear a geek t-shirt, but they don't attract the creepy folk looking for similar interest people in public.
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    Escapism UK 2013 Winter Event!

    It's Cardiff, which means it'll be a sexual attack. *memories*
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    Poll: If all drugs were legal...

    I'm happy to touch drugs while illegal, so yes, I would use drugs if they were legal.
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    Escapism UK 2013 Winter Event!

    I honestly don't know. He harasses me enough on Twitter, now he's found me on here it's never going to stop ): But but... *huffs and goes out on own* On that note - do you have I.D now? Nearenough everywhere in Cardiff is very strict with I.D
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    Escapism UK 2013 Winter Event!

    If anything, I'll probably be better at navigating you all while under the influence as 95% of my time in Cardiff, I am with beer in hand! What if I record it all in Welsh? *evil laugh* I like Famnav, we should make lots of Famnavs to sell $$$ It's super odd seeing you on the...
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    Escapism UK 2013 Winter Event!

    Hello, little Welsh sat-nav here!
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    Ads that have made you want to avoid the product.

    That had me in fits. I don't avoid perfume because of the adverts though, purely because I couldn't tell you what advert is advertising what perfume. I just go into a shop, smell, and buy.
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    What do you look like behind the avatar?

    Is that Chris (Rev) I see taking the photo? xD
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    I'm actually kind of scared to post here, on account of all the bans.

    I dunno, I think the mods do a grand job to be fair. Rules are rules and if you break them, you get punished. There's room for slip-ups and improving/learning from them (warnings) I think people who get suspended or banned know they're being assholes and deserved it.
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    Dumpster Diving

    I hate how much of anything can get wasted just because. We're a very throw-away world. Do these companies not help out homeless shelters or give it to animals that could use it?