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    What was the most recent Zero Puncuation when you first happen upon this site?

    Heavenly Sword. I was a fan of Fully Ramblomatic who followed him here.
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    Poll: "I'm a cactus!" and other random phrases.

    Dara O'Briain actually said the Latinos are HEATING up the planet, not hazing.
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    What's the dumbest thing you've ever heard or overheard someone say?

    Last night, a friend of my parents asked me a couple questions about astronomy (since I'm the nerd of the family) during a New Years Eve dinner. We were talking about how, when we look out at the stars, we're seeing them as they were in the past (a star 300 light years away looks like it did 300...
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    Guy kills wife's dad, Bakes him into meat pies

    Let's not make any assumptions before the story is reported in an ACTUAL newspaper. The Daily Mail is less reliable as a news source than the Onion.
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    Austism Essay Help

    Or a theme park! Come to Autistic World, meet scores of people who refuse to look you in the eye! (I have Aspergers. Not a big fan of eyes)
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    Things in video games that took you years to realize

    The 10-woompa fruit box hidden above the two 10-fruit boxes in the bonus area? It was YEARS before I found that! EDIT: On topic: The flying bear suit you found in the fourth world in Super Mario Bros 3 can turn you into a statue if you press down. I never realized that while playing.
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    Chimps Belong on Human Branch of Family Tree, Study Says

    You know how the astronomers decided to reclassify Pluto, so that it was no longer a planet? You know the uproar that caused? I'm guessing the biologists looked at that incident and thought, "I want to be yelled at by angry people like that!"
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    Most difficult book you've read?

    The Bible. Long like you wouldn't believe, and most of it was, to be honest, quite boring. Seriously, check out the tabernacle chapters. Page after page after page describing how to set up a tent.
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    Poll: If Jesus ran for president, would you vote for him?

    You have to be born in the US to be President. Bethlehem is not located in the US. (Not an American, btw, so I wouldn't be eligible to vote anyway).
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    Unskippable: Mafia II

    If you are referring to the flags at 4:41, that's the Swiss flag, not the Danish, pasted unto an Italian flag. Why they've done this, I don't know.
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    Hands-on Preview: Jurassic Park

    I would love a new Jurassic Park game, but a quick-time event starring Sarah Harding? Sounds horrible. She was annoying enough in the movie. Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like a browser-based flash-game? Dodge the dinosaurs, free/squish the annoying future biologist.
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    The Gaming World would be a better place without....

    Can't believe no one's said this... Escort missions.
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    Best cheatcode ever

    No problem. By the way, the cheat code is still "i love THE monkey head".
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    Best cheatcode ever

    ...So I write a post to correct someone else's cheats, and forgot to check my own? Poetic. You're right, of course. WhosYourDaddy was the invincibility cheat. AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs was the "instant win"-cheat. Thanks for the correction.
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    Best cheatcode ever

    "ilovemonkeybutt" is not a cheatcode in Age of Empires 2. "How do you turn this on" produces a car (with machine guns), "i love the monkey head" produces a fast, monkey-headed scout. The car with the bazooka-wielding driver is from Age of Empires 1, and the cheat code used to make him is...