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    The Felicia Day/Destructoid situation

    The sad thing is that men and women continue to draw lines between themselves, then blame the other for their differences.
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    California Congressman Demands Videogame Warning Labels [Again]

    Video games don't make people violent. Violent people just draw images that are similar to videogames and movies. Aka: A murderer using a chainsaw to kill someone, therefore they are obviously a gamer using Left4Dead 2 as a starting point! (Because the 'movies', 'TV' and even just 'being an...
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    Poll: will machines ever be more intelligent than people?

    Wow, that was incredibly patronising and insultingly easy to refute. For one, the comparison between human mind and machine breaks down immediately, the fastest computer in the world can perform 260 trillion operations a second while human minds can only react to a stimulus after 120...
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    Poll: will machines ever be more intelligent than people?

    Of course they are going to get progressively smarter until they are smarter than we are, we're bound by the limits of biology and neurotransmitters. Computer minds would be bound only by the limits of whatever medium they run on (So they'll be crazy-fast). That said, alot of people have seen...
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    Zero Punctuation: Darkness 2

    I agree, although I did play on medium (Being one of those people who likes to play the game and not just get insta-killed the first time he gets shot) and did find it abit easy. Not very, just abit easy. But more fun was had trying to come up with creative methods of murdering dudes and not...
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    Cop Tasers Fleeing Handcuffed Girl, Head injuries put her in vegetative state

    Ah, another police thread! Pick your side: Pro-'He's a cop, he's the LAW'-cop Neg-'Fk da pigs maaan!'-cop Bonus points will be awarded for increasing hostility in replies, overly verbose arguments, calling someone 'Adolf' and finally, comparing the incident to the holocaust. We...
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    Is Steam okay for you?

    Steam is good because: A: I'm never without internet and B: All my Steam bought games are accessable, never have problems downloading them and keep themselves updated. I wouldnt say Steam is perfect, but instead of feeling its a piece of crap software designed to rape my wallet, I feel...
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    Poll: i dun hav 2 spl im on teh intrenetz!!! [Mild Rant]

    I speak like a spaz when I'm talking on steam to people I know on the interwebs, abit like this: "R yous playins todays?" But generally, I think if you're going to make a post in a forum, which is going to exist for more than acouple seconds (I'm thinking 4chan-esque speed), then you should...
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    Every kid in the US has to take a test made by you

    Wow guys, you're talking about kids here, not 'battle'-hardened gamers! I think the best test you could set would be one that doesn't require alot of previous knowledge, but instead works the thunking muscles. Like this one: I believe I'd call it 'Critical thinking' and have any kid that...
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    Poll: Videogames and Women

    I can't help but feel that the argument of 'sexy girls in games' cannot be immediately countered by 'have you ever seen an unattractive guy in games'? Even generic-zeros are cut from the same manly cloth.
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    We Can All Relate To Spielberg's Robot Apocalypse Film

    Wow, you mean an ultra-smart AI will decide (Or have it decided for it) that it loves life and must protect it, even if it means sacrificing some of its 'love' to save the majority? I, Robot ladies and gentlemen. Oh wait, I mean, Robopocalypse, ladies and gentlemen.
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    IBM Breakthrough Exponentially Expands Data Storage

    Well, my guess is the inter/external coupling and making stuff would be resolved as the chips reduced in complexity (Either by increasing stuff on the chip/motherboard so that only the 'meat' of the issue was actually processed, (big chip expensive, so motherboard has alot of the older, cheaper...
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    Poll: RANT: Disgusted with Skyrim

    This sounds abit overblown, ZP style complaint. I played Skyrim, which as far as I care, the only problem is its not Fallout and I don't have a Plasma Rifle. That said, I don't really feel Skyrim engages me as a player, choices lack any real depth or meaning, there are zero consequences...
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    IBM Breakthrough Exponentially Expands Data Storage

    You know, the one thing I never understood about Moore's law (Double performance every 2 years) was that if we do reach the end of Moore's law, in terms of an extremely cheap, extremely tiny chip doing extreme calculations, why nobody suggested that the uberchip be complimented by another...
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    48 FPS movies. Better than 24 FPS?

    Absolutely wrong without even needing sophisticated testing methods. (N.B: 1000 milliseconds in 1 second. Every 10 milliseconds a new frame comes up.) Mental chronometry testing indicates that the average brain requires around 190ms (miliseconds) time to respond to a visual stimulus...