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    The Unofficial Friendly Steam Trading Thread

    I have a copy of CoD:WAW (RRP £20) I would like to trade for outlast (RRP £15).
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    Major Gaming PC issue - please help

    driver sweeper fixed it thanks very much
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    Major Gaming PC issue - please help

    Dear all, I am losing frames on a very dramatic scale for some reason when playing games such as bops2, BF3 and even medievil total war 2. When i check the tasks manager it says my cpu is on 80%-100% and it never used to resulting in running games in maybe 10fps. Some say my cpu is bottle...
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    Space Janitors: Episode One

    total crap, dull, not interesting or original in anyway. improve the scrpit
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    cod 4 server needed

    Hey escapists. I was wondering do any of you know a good cod4 server with 32 players, doing mostly tdm 75 kills or domination (similar to the console versions). I am on steam on windows and would love this kind of server. i just seem to have more fun on console numbers but dont have the game on...
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    Should Death Row Inmates Be Used for Experiments?

    maybe if they choose too
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    The last movie you saw combines with the last game you played and the last book you read.

    call of duty : minority report...hell yeah!!!!
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    Bethesda Forums Possibly Breached Again

    why bother?
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    Fallout: *Insert City Here*

    how about fallout london
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    No Russian

    I would take it serioulsy but i wont because call of duty isnt the holy grail of story telling or creativity.
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    Ignorance on Facebook (censored for the well-being of this thread)

    i figure the bomb was enough revenge for pearl harbor
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    So how do you think Xbox did at E3

    utter failure! like they had forza 4 but hardly mentioned it, they had halo 4 but only showed a teaser trailer followed by a barrage of crappy kinekt games...jeez microsoft
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    your drunken mistakes.

    im a little tipsy and i just bought a new 1080 inch LED monitor from amazon. probably a mistake, any funny drunken mistakes you made recently.
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    Sony Servers Infiltrated Abroad, Twice

    ffs this is dull