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    people's misunderstanding of Korra and Asami

    If they hadn't purposely limited their own timeframe, they could have shown Korra being friends with, say, Opal. (And it's not as if she and Asami weren't close friends even before they were girlfriends; in fact, their being close friends beforehand is part of what makes me name this the best...
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    Thoughts on the Legend of Korra two part finale (Spoiler Warning)

    They've dodged around it a few times, but I could have sworn they out-and-out came clean with it eventually. And Korra and Asami canonically being girlfriends has just been unambiguously confirmed by both Konietzko [] and DiMartino...
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    So.... Korrasami is canon.

    It seemed pretty clear to me that they were making it as obviously canon as they could without offending the moral guardians. There were flaws, be quite honest? I've seen more people try to either pin up the Korrasami ending as a flaw, or??bizarrely??try to blame the flaws on it than...
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    Thoughts on the Legend of Korra two part finale (Spoiler Warning)

    Still think a remixed "The Avatar's Love" playing in the background is pretty damn significant.
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    You're probably the only fan of this.

    Do Douglas Hill books count?
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    Thoughts on the Legend of Korra two part finale (Spoiler Warning)

    Oh they probably could have had them start to obviously lean in for a kiss before the camera panned away...but on a "kids' show," openly pairing up two women is highly risky. Look at how long it took before the Adventure Time crew came clean about Bubbline. Fair enough. Quite frankly...
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    Mako, like everyone pale-skinned in the Avatarverse, is actually fantasy-counterpart Asian. Specifically, his mother was Fire Nation (which, despite naming customs, is not fantasy-counterpart Japan as most of the fanbase thinks, but sort of a fusion of China and Thailand with some Indian...
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    Thoughts on the Legend of Korra two part finale (Spoiler Warning)

    They can't really do more than just imply. For one, the self-proclaimed moral guardians would freak. Also, there are parts of the world in which having two women openly kiss could get Nickelodeon entirely pulled off the air. All they could pretty much get away with was the bit at the end...
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    2 NYPD Officers "Executed" by man claiming revenge for Garner and Brown

    Thank you. (And we're not even going into whether or not this guy was sincere about the vengeance thing or just being opportunistic.)
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    people's misunderstanding of Korra and Asami

    We saw Aang and Katara, Zaheer and P'Li, Kuvira and Baatar, and Varrick and Zhu Li doing that same pose. All of the above were explicitly couples. Korra was 'shipteased with Asami over a longer stretch of the show than she was 'shipteased with Mako; bisexuality and pansexuality exist; and if...
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    Are people abusing the concept of a trigger?

    Pretty much this. And, to be quite honest? Yeah, I've seen more people??and this includes Tumblr bloggers??conflating triggers with "being offended" as a dismissal tactic. (As in, the whole stunt of claiming that one is "triggered" by being called on their crap.) As others have already...
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    Why do we judge characters on their hair and clothes?

    Because character design is a deliberate choice. If a design element has come to symbolize a certain trait, it's likely to indicate that trait unless the person who created the character is deliberately subverting a stereotype (or is a hack).
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    What do you think Zaheer motive/ goal is? (Legend of Korra)

    Zaheer is weird. I'm fairly sure he's a fallen Air Acolyte, for one. My guess is that the Red Lotus have a gripe with the Avatar Cycle itself. They're either going to try to depower Korra (or at least bring her down to standard waterbender) somehow, or try to kill her in the Avatar State...
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    Why so much hate for Korra?

    Okay, lemme put my cheap two cents in: I've found her exasperating at times, and there have definitely been times when she's out of line...but I've never been able to dislike her. She struck me as a flawed but basically good character stuck in a narrative that's been--to put it...
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    What is a Social Justice Warrior?

    Seeing just how indiscriminately that epithet seems to be flung? (I've seen it applied to everyone from marginalized people calling blatant bigotry by its right name, to vegans claiming to be oppressed for being vegan, to obvious trolls--mostly on Tumblr--trying to make a punchline out of the...