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    Reliable Source: Evil Activision and Xbox Love

    Damn..... Just...damn...Marion
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    Commander Shepard

    They should make four. One for each gender and moral alignment
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    Mass Effect 2 ending (Spoilers speak for them self)

    You realise if everyone lives there is no drama? That's what you're complaining about, the lack of drama, maybe if you didn't play the game so damn well you would be happier. That's the problem with multiple endings, idiots only see one and assume it's the only one possible. Also, while...
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    Teenager Has Testicle Amputated After 'Tapping' Game

    Hahahhaah no way Anyway it's on the news so nice one there kid now you'll be called "one ball" or "monoball" for the next years. Have fun Monoball
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    OMNOMONMNOMONMON OR Beat that mo fo with Jedi mind tricks "These are not the droids you are looking for" "IF YOU STRIKE ME DOWN I WILL BECOME MORE POWERFUL THEN I COULD EVER BE"
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    Stolen Pixels #187: Operators Are Standing By

    So I just give you my credit card number or what? It worked for that guy in my DAO Camp
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    Games you want made.

    Republic Commando 2
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    Zero Punctuation: Red Steel 2

    Alcurd reference? No one else saw the Princess Bride one? HALLO!
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    Which Pokemon most resembles you?

    Ditto Im flexible ^^
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    Review: Metro 2033

    Oh that stealth syestem! They tricked me into using it in that Nazi occupied station. I was sneaking up on the two un-armoured sentrys and,those clever bastards, they started talking abut their families! How could I kill them now? Damn you 4a games
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    Do You Have Constant Reload Syndrome?

    I'm trying to hammer the principle in my little sister at the moment. Logic has failed so I'm gonna have to train her with chocolate
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    "Fuck this" moments

    God of War 3 Scorpion boss. It wasnt so bad itself I had just fucking had enough of that shit
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    Poll: Do you have a social life?

    No way im way too hardcore *Cries in corner*
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    A game in one sentence.

    God of War(all of em) Keep dying? You're not pressing square enough Heavy Rain: Madison= Tits Scott= Fighting Jayden= Glove fetish Ethan= WAHAMBULENCE Pokémon: No you're not high that really is a dancing tree. That kicks ass
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    Zero Punctuation: God of War III

    Not even worth the rental And the Cronos battle that critics keep quoting? To me was just a moving background most of the time