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    Zero Punctuation: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

    I would like to make a request like that many people here. I know you're reading the comments Yahtzee, you magnificent narcistic bastard! I was wondering if you were willing to review Crusader Kings II. Why? - Crusader Kings II can be more hard and cruel to you than Minecraft and Dark...
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    Don't Just Watch ZP, Play it, in Zero Punctuation: Hatfall

    Yeah let him show us how stealth should be done instead.
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    Lost & Hidden Gems

    I have to say Prison Architect. It still has it's flaws, but it's rather unique with quite a bit of innovation. It's challenging, deep, has a good sense of humor and it's rather fullfilling to succeed in building a perfect prison.
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    Open Letter to Parents of League of Legends' Players

    Mike, you can keep strawmanning your way through the topic, but as said, parents have nothing to do with people playing games. You're not entitled to control any other player in any other way, or tell them what to do. If you don't want to deal with others, don't play multiplayer. No matter how...
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    "Illusions" That You Would Like Dispelled For the Good of Gaming

    After reading that "open letter topic". After purchasing a game, you're entitled to a play the game as you see fit, to have the game work as intended and receive the service promised with the game by the ones responsible. Other players however, do not owe you anything. Other players aren't...
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    Open Letter to Parents of League of Legends' Players

    Right... After reading the letter and some answers here, all I can say about it is this. Any argument that comes down to or implies "don't waste MY time" implies such a high level of self entitlement it's sickening. In fact, these arguments should not just be ignored but laughed at and be...
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    What do you think of Telltale's Game of Thrones?

    I've only seen a let's play video of it. To me it comes across as "fan service" and/or "cashing in". Some characters from the series seem to make an appearance and do their song and dance routine. I just know some players went "OMG it's Jon Snow!!!" which is probably enough to make the game a...
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    What about female narrators?

    Haven't noticed it myself. Maybe Cate Blanchett is willing to do some narratives?
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    I seriously don't understand some Resident Evil fans...

    You do realise this goes for almost every known franchise right?
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    Visual Novels; their place in the gaming world?

    First of all, sorry; not too familiar with messing around with the lay out here yet. - OF course. Everyone has his/her problems and perhaps things they rather not talk about, but usually the characters in VN's take it to a whole new level. My best examples here are Rin and Hanako in Katawa...
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    Visual Novels; their place in the gaming world?

    Well technically not in real life. Assuming you're a guy, how many girls did you date? How many of those required you to deal with similar problems from the past? I'm well aware that a lot of games and series introduce some sort of problem, but the reason I mentioned it here is because most of...
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    Best voice acting in a video game

    The Walking Dead season 1. The voice actors of Clementine and Lee are just outstanding.
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    Problem with Arguments against Nintendo's youtube policies

    I'm not sure it has been mentioned in the discussion so far, but as far as I know, there's usually a disclaimer included if you buy a DVD or videogame in which you automatically agree not to (ab)use the product you bought beyond the liberties that were included with the sale, like not sharing it...
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    *Your* Top 10 Most Disappointing Games Of All Time?

    In no particular order: - Fable Hyped; it would have been the perfect RPG. I ended up with a bland RPG that was both short, lacked challenge and stood out by allowing us to marry faceless NPC's. - Command and Conquer The game I wanted since I was 10. The game wasn't bad, but for some...
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    Visual Novels; their place in the gaming world?

    I've posted regarding whether I like the majority of the VN's earlier. Since then, people seem to be divided on whether they are "terrible" or "occasionally extremely good". My problem so far with VN's is that most of them follow the same guidelines, which on top of the little interaction and...