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    Zero Punctuation: Two Worlds II

    I personally had fun with the game. I played it on the pc with a 360 pad and left up and right on the dpad lets you quick change between 3 equipment sets, wouldnt it have been a better idea to equip a sword and shield in 1 and a bow on the other so you can just switch with them? Personally...
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    Best Vehicle in Gaming

    Ragnarok from Final Fantasy 8, a spaceship shaped like a dragon with miniguns and laser thing on the front, what's not to like. Also any of the armoured cores from, well armoured core.
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    Angry Insults from Gamers

    There is way too much aggression, non-gamers all think that gamers are a shy nonviolent people, obviously they've never play unreal, halo or any other game online. One of the weirdest insults i got was when i was playing Team Fortress 2 when another player comment "I'm watching Leonxfx(my...