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    Your Most Hated Interpretation of A Character you like?

    DON'T SAY THINGS LIKE THAT, THEY MIGHT HEAR YOU, AND I MIGHT NEVER GET MY DREADLORD COUNCIL BOSS! I said years ago that if Bliz ever puts a Dreadlord council fight into WoW I will beat it, and then quit forever. Because everyone needs a quitting point and I've always had a soft spot in my...
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    Your Most Hated Interpretation of A Character you like?

    I'm sure it was already said somewhere in here but the entirety of the cast of the Eragon movie. I know the books weren't spectacular but no franchise deserved that movie.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Maze Runner - Where's a Minotaur When You Need One?

    I enjoy the transcript but I'm not super sure I like the star-based score, I don't think anyone really wants that. The only times I could see it being desired would be in particularly spoiler-heavy reviews.
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    Miracle of Sound: Wake the White Wolf (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Song)

    I wish I had noticed this was posted 3 months ago when it was put up, I've been missing out. Awesome work, Gav!
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    Escape to the Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy - Surprise! This Movie Rocks!

    Is there any real reason you're still using IE? Or not paying $20 a year for Pub Club? Because both of those are viable options.
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    Poll: Am I disgusting for not paying for the first date?

    The person who asks, pays. Simple.
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    Biggest Difficulty Spike You Have Ever Experienced

    In Neverwinter, the dungeons start off fairly simple and around level 40 the final bosses for each dungeon just got to nightmare difficulty, especially with randoms leaving and joining constantly after every wipe. This is actually what broke the game for me, I really enjoyed it up until that...
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    The Worst Big Youtubers

    I loathe Tobuscus. His voice reminds of of the voice Adam Sandler uses when he's pretending to be retarded. The only good thing he's done was the dramatic song.
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    Retail jobs: the dumbest customer question you've been asked?

    I work as a host in a pizza restaurant and a large part of my job is taking phone orders for takeout and delivery. Sometimes people call in and ask questions, this woman asked me "What time do you guys close tonight?" to which I replied "Nine o'clock." and she responded with "PM?". This...
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    The WoW Killer has finally arrived

    For what is hopefully the last time, the Pandaren have been involved with Warcraft since Warcraft 3, which, I might add, was released in 2002, 6 ENTIRE YEARS BEFORE KUNG FU PANDA.
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    Black Ops II Designer Thinks Gamers "Should All Play Multiplayer"

    At what point did the presence of bots in multiplayer (even local) fall out of favor? I remember some of the best times I ever had playing FPS games as a kid were on one of the James Bond games for Gamecube, Nightfire I think it was. Myself and a couple of friends would make a game with us and...
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    Skywind Mod Jams Morrowind Into Skyrim

    I want daggerfall with its ungodly huge map to be added to this >:D
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    Poll: Escapist meme thread? Escapist meme thread!

    This was just me spitballing in between classes, why aren't there more Escapist memes? Before you pretend to be a super-elite member of teh interwebz that looks down upon memes as an entity simply because you can I say this to you: get off of your high horse, with legs that long it can't...
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    Worst review I have seen in a long time (borderlands 2)

    Given the nature of the source even the WRITING is terrible, let alone the content, anything I say at this point would just be a repeat of what someone else has said. He had no coherent stand on the topic barring his unsubstantiated statements at the start and end; everything in between those...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Punctu-action