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    Is Cheerleading a sport?

    If people are gonna try and label league of ledgends as a sport, than cheerleading is definitely a sport
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    Killing Joke Film Controversy SPOILERS

    Does nobody remember that in batman beyond, barbra has said that she had a tbing for batman and when they tried to be more than partners; it didnt work out? I dont see a problem with her having sex with bruce and i dont see why you people do ether. This is a cartoon. None of this is...
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    Why do you hate the new COD IW trailer?

    It looks like one of the most generic video games ever made. It looks bland and highly forgettable.
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    Its hard being a DC fan. (Rant)

    I've always thought that they should adapt their side/ what if stories to film instead of this grim dark crap. I would love to see Superman: Red Son or Batman Hush brought to life. We already get what these characters are about.
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    GITS Publisher: "never imagined it would be a Japanese actress in the first place.?

    The show leaves alot of her history as a mystery. Many of her Co workers are left guessing as she is anything but a typical soldier. There was even speculation that she was actually a man in a female shell. She has also been known to use different bodies if the mission calls for it. She has...
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    The great OST appreciation thread

    I only have 2 game ost(s). One from bastion (such great singing) and the other is from jet set radio.
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    Hulk Hogan Awarded $115 Million Dollars in Gawker Lawsuit

    He was also removed from the most recent WWE game (replaced by the terminate I believe) and was also removed from the wrestling hall of fame. He didn't have much, but he lost what little he did have.
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    Where you want the next fallout setting?

    Lousianna and arizona would be nice. Focus more on the space/ zeta aspect of the game. I would love to see a survivor travel with his dog through a several different alien ships. Also a mechanic where your dog mutates into some alien ceeature that mutates as you level up would be cool. Hawaii...
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    Lightsabers and Colour

    I feel like grey jedi are a title for those that dont fit into either path. Ot: Im going with a black or silver/white blade. The rest of the lightsaber would be organic. I'd probobly be concitered a dark jedi for a good while, but my saber needs to be created... for science. After that...
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    Poll: Mage, Thief or Warrior?

    Mage, as they have spells that allow you to both melee and sneek around. Its such a versatile dicipline that you can use it to aid in the learning of any martial and stealth skill
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    When a game doesn't facilitate your specific play style (Skyrim)

    I went with a destruction/conjeration build that focused more on melee combat via the summon[weapon] spell. It works well enough, but i do keep various healing spells in my quick select just in case.
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    Your ideal national anthem

    I came here to say that America's national anthem should be Queens 1977 hit We are the champions/ We will rock you.
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    Anyone else disappointed with Fallout 4?

    Everytime I play the game, I see it as a great base for mods. Otherwise my only big complaint is the lack of radio stations (or seemingly new songs)
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    Songs that are also stories

    Lady Lamb- Sunday shoes
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    Uncomfortable Film/TV/Game Moments

    Irriversable has ~5 min rape scene. No cuts, no changes in cammera angle, nothing. Just rape. Also the beggining scene is one of the most uncomfortable thimgs ive ever seen.