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    Game of Thrones Abridged: Season One - Nothing to Lose Your Head Over

    This was one of the least funny things I've ever seen on the Escapist...and I've stuck in there through Game Dogs... A series of disjointed jokes one could barely call a riff track. I didn't pay anything for it and I still feel robbed. I honestly can't think of anything good to say about...
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    Lords of the Fallen Trailer Shows Proper Warhammer Etiquette

    Pro tip: When not referencing the Warhammer? series, try not to capitalist the 'W'
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    Australian Parliament Subpoenas Microsoft, Apple on Price Hikes

    Yeah, there is your problem, I'll give you credit, you've got at least a rudimentary idea of economics, geopolitics and corporate law but lack and real defined knowledge of them, you're babbling on and demeaning anyone that points out that your arguments are based on hearsay and opinion, not to...
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    The Big Picture: Future Assembly

    Uh...bob, I saw the avengers about two hours ago...just putting that out there.
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    How would you continue the Mass Effect universe? Spoilers

    I'm a little surprised no one has mentioned the whole 'stargazer' thing...Or the citadel blowing up or not...I'd think if they did they'd spin it as a 'every hero throughout history has been called 'Shepard' deal and just build from there.
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    Indy Dev Calls Zynga Out Over Plagiarism

    Okay, I hate Zynga as much as the next, but how many games have ripped of an older game before? Suddenly when it's a developer we don't like it's despicable? But seriously, screw Zynga
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    Feed Dump: Cats & Mice

    I asked for Australian accent attempts when Desert Bus was on, and now I got them anyway...bloody rippa...crikey--screw this I'm off to Star Bucks *kidding, kidding, I don't drink horrible coffee*
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    The issue of "Mens Rights"

    Currently I'm the victim of eye straining trying to read light blue text on a white background.
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    Poll: What character type do you fall under?

    Well, I wouldn't go from those, so I'll fetch a few tropes (God I'm sorry if I just destroy your plans for the day by linking there) In my teens I was shaping up to be A death seeker Then I grew cold and was more of a blood knight Then I matured into what I am today, a mild mannered giant.
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    Your Fake ID name

    Richard Starkey, the clever ones of you will figure it out.
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    Poll: Are you more attracted to women/men of your own ethnicity than those outside it?

    I'm attracted to both, maybe other ethnicities a little more, but not so much more that I'd date one over the other, it'd be a person-to-person basis.
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    Things that piss you movies!

    Skyline, Skyline, Skyline, a million times Skyline, that movie is the epitome of terrible, it's as if they new how bad it was going to be and then went 'we will fuck with them, have it end on a cliff hanger' Oh, and movies that try way too hard to make you hate their 'villains' Case and...
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    Peruvian Scientists Discover Alien Corpse

    I love how 90% of the first page is nothing but 'fake and gay' I do agree that it's most likely the same case as others of skull distortion in native american tribes but that still doesn't explain the massive eye sockets, large teeth and incredibly wide and distorted jaw.
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    Skyrim fans aren't superior to MW3 fans.

    > People don't like what I like! > I like what people like! > Why don't they like what I like? There, you see that? That's what you just said minus the fluff. And before you go on: > Linked to picture about more people liking skyrim on a pole > People who like skyrim are pleased by...
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    A question to women

    You shut your whore mouth when you talk about John Goodman like that! The man is a sex god! Why? Because I said so, that's why! joking, joking but seriously...don't bad mouth John Goodman... I do admire a nice ASSet, I don't know, I just find them more attractive than TITular things...