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    Blizzard Brings Banhammer Down on 100,000 WoW Accounts

    Got an email saying I was banned. Dont even play WoW.
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    Post your pets!

    Meet Hans!
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    Happy Singles Awareness day.

    Didnt really give a shit about it when I was single. And now that I am in a relationship it is still pretty much just another day. Past two years we have agreed not to get each other anything for it. Honestly I hear more about Valentines day from single people shouting about it than people in...
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    Poll: Do you still pre-order games?

    Only with certain games I know will be good, from trusted devs and such. Though that isn't really saying much as I still haven't in years. Think the last one I did pre-order was maybe Skyrim or Halo 4? Think I may have gotten Halo as a gift though, so it has been awhile. Pre-order bonuses used...
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    What game has kept you up the longest?

    Oblivion clocked in at 83 hours. Never again. I felt so awful at the end and was sick the next week.
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    So, I got a PS3 for christmas...

    Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 for the ps2. Some of my all time favorite games.
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    Time to boast! What did you get on Black Friday?

    Bought a Helix at my local smokeshop for 30% off.
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    What if Apple and/or Google released a gaming console?

    Apple console? Not interested in the slightest. Google I could see producing a pretty solid console though.
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    $800 Minecraft Bill Leads to Felony Filing Against Ten-Year-Old

    An article on Escapist that took place where I live?! But nothing ever happens in Nebraska! But really how do you spend 800 bucks on Minecraft? Maybe merchandise?
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    Halo 3 Free To Xbox Live Gold Subs, This Month Only

    Doesn't pretty much anyone who owns a 360 have Halo 3 already?
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    Experimental Horror Game Vanished Uses No Graphics

    Shouldn't have wasted the dollar. And I typically love horror games.
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    Microsoft Warns: Don't Stand Your Xbox One Vertical

    Why is this a big deal? No really? Why are people upset about this? So what, you can't stand it up. I can't stand my blu ray upright, does that mean I didn't want to use it? Hell no. Seriously people are just looking for reasons to get mad at this now.
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    GameStop Responds to "GTA V Midnight Release Video" Controversy

    Was the customer a dick? Yes, this situation was completely avoidable if he just flashed his ID. But in a retail position you can't rise to that, you have to take it with a smile on your face. I have had people yelling obscenities at my face as their food was messed up(when it wasn't)and...
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    Elder Scrolls Anthology Tells the Whole Tale of Tamriel

    Well if you have none of them, or really want the set look at the individual prices. 60 for Skyrim and DLC, 25 for Oblivion and DLC, 20 for Morrowind. And that is just the digital copies. 105 bucks. Then add in the maps and nice case. So actually a pretty darn good deal.
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    Do you date outside of your race?

    I'm about as white as you can get and am dating a black girl right now.