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    Ghost in the Shell - First Assault - Early Access Cyberpunk

    Not a single mention of Tachikomas =( They were one of the best things about GITS:SAC
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    #074 - The Empress' New Clothes

    Should it be Empress's, not Empress'? Empress refers to a single person and it is not an ancient proper noun.
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    #073 - Ch-Ch-Changes

    It's easy to imagine that Erin can't trace time...
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    Joss Whedon deletes twitter account following mass of feminist criticism

    For what it's worth, Joss Whedon has said that he didn't leave because of the comments. He also said that Anita Sarkeesian was the second person to contact him to check that he was okay.
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    Joss Whedon deletes twitter account following mass of feminist criticism

    Obviously the way these people have expressed themselves on twitter reflects poorly on them and I do not condone their conduct. But what truly astounds me is how narrow an interpretation of Whedon's Romanoff is required to reach the conclusion that they obviously have. Strong characters are...
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    Misused Terms You're Sick of Seeing

    1. "That begs the question." To beg the question is to make an argument that assumes its conclusion in its premise. If you think an observation prompts a question, it raises that question. 2. "Less" + count noun. This one happens all the time. It's simple. Mass noun + larger than = more...
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    #013 Orbital Drop

    I really wish I had the funds to contribute in a more meaningful way, but for what it's worth, you guys are awesome. Even when I'm feeling down or too worn out to appreciate things properly, your comics make me smile. Erin is one of the most compelling characters I've come across in any medium...
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    #008: Rad's Solution

    You've hit gold with this one, guys. EDA has been dark but endearing ? I?m hooked. It has become my main reason for checking The Escapist, even on days when it is not scheduled to come out (just in case there is a glitch or something). Kudos. Keep it up!
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    Poll: Who else is a little depressed about the content loss?

    The content that kept me coming back has been Zero Punctuation, Critical Miss, Escape to the Movies and The Big Picture. I enjoyed Jim's work too, but it was something I would flick through the episodes of every few weeks and pick out topics that interested me. Now that Moviebob has left too...
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    The Big Picture: Je Suis Charlie

    This video mirrors my sentiments precisely. I'll be sharing this with my friends.
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    Target Audience

    Really busting out the strong language in the sign off today, hey. Not that I object (although on a side note: HEY! Australia matters! We're real people, even if we do speak funny and dress poorly), but the issue is probably better supported by a less colourful expression of opinion...
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    No Right Answer: Best/Worst Anime Ever

    That's a really good point. I've come to better appreciate well-paced anime from seeing how poorly paced DBZ or the big three are. That's not to say they are all bad anime, but it's something that detracts from the experience. I think it says something interesting about the anime fan-base...
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    No Right Answer: Best/Worst Anime Ever

    DBZ is nothing to write home about. I can certainly understand the nostalgic value it holds for a lot of viewers, but there are simply too many others that out-perform it on good points and skip the bad points. Anyone looking get into anime would be better off checking out Cowboy Bebop...
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    The Vaguely Familiar Evil Within

    The way you've drawn Erin is very expressive. That third frame is a work of high art.
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    Jimquisition: Stupid Sexy Bayonetta

    It's funny you mention that. It is that distinction that leads me to disagree with Jim. "However" says that the argument to follow is not diminished by an aforementioned belief or principle. At the same time, it doesn?t necessarily mean that the latter argument diminishes the former one. "But"...