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    How much do you care?

    How much do I care? Very little. I cannot bring myself to care about other people's plight and problems. That is not to say I won't lend a sympathetic ear to someone who wants to share, I just don't empathise as much as others might. As far as religion goes, I'm not a believer and I couldn't...
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    So Escapist! What University will you be attending? (/do you attend?)

    University of Life. No need for qualifications, no tuition fees, anyone can go and you can't (really) fail.
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    Poll: Do you think you would be a better parent than your own parents?

    About as good as the olds I suppose. Just give your kids a ball and a muddy puddle and keep them within ear-shot.
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    What in your opinion was the most ambitious game up to this point?

    How about Mirror's Edge. The story telling maybe as uninspired beige carpet but as a concept it is pretty ground-breaking in as much as it hasn't - to my knowledge - been attempted before. It's undeniably colourful which is something of a revalation in modern day gaming, and it's possible to...
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    Name your child!

    I've always liked the name Xanthe for a girl though I've haven't yet come across a name for a boy that I equally like and goes well with my surname; maybe Elias.
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    Terrifying Kissing Device Enables Long-Distance Love, Sort Of

    Erm... between 1:11 and 1:18 on the video... dafuq? Nope. And it's a scary, scary thought.
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    Dance with Dragons Question (SPOILERS)

    In all honesty I hadn't thought about it until now, I just went with it and for me, at least, it didn't take anything away from the series. I would assume it was done to develop her character more in the forthcoming novels. I must admit it did surprise me when she first became a POV charater...
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    Top 5/10 best games you have ever played

    Hmm... In no particular order: Skyrim Fallout 3 Portal Diablo 2: LoD Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings Medieval 2 Total War (inc. Kingdoms expansion) Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Battlefield 1942 Half-Life 2 Thief 2
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    Poll: Should Ed Edd n Eddy Be Remade?

    If it ain't broke dont fix it.
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    So what's the story behind your username/avatar?

    The name sounded cool, the avatar's from my favourite anime. 2 ez
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    Poll: Fallout3 vs. Fallout:New Vegas

    My vote goes to F3. I've played F3 much more extensively, completing it on numerous occasions whereas I've only played Vegas intermitantly. Overall I found the F3 world much more immersive, I prefered 90% of the characters and quests and found the F3 world much more believable. I did prefer the...
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    Chapter 14: To Kill a Dovahkiin

    Chapter 5 is brilliant! Good all round really, though definitly chapter 5. Nice work bro.
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    Skyrim. R.I.P. Companions.

    Maybe I'll find out later... but how do all these companions actually die? I've had my low level mage's bacon saved dozens of times by Lydia. Though one of these days I may end her for constantly blocking doorways I want to get through... And Shadowmere, really? That horse has been my...
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    What do women find attractive? (Men only)

    I'd say personality is probably the biggest thing in my experience. You don't need to have hollywood looks and a small fortune in your back pocket (lord knows I don't) for a girl to like you, you just need to be confident in who you are and show a bit of interest and let the hormones do the...
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    5 favorite bands/songs

    Yeah why not... I advocate these bands (and songs) to anyone who'll listen: Dispatch - Bang Bang Strung Out - Lost Motel Katchafire - Seriously Deadmau5 - Raise Your Weapon Kid Cudi - Erase Me