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    8 Bit Philosophy: Do We Crave Fascism? (Freud & Psychoanalysis)

    We don't crave fascism, we just want to be free of responsibility. What people want is other guy making the hard choices for them so they can indulge in whatever they want. Freedom can be an incredible scary and demanding thing, sometimes it's just easier to give it to someone else.
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    Charging for Skyrim Mods Was a Horrendous Idea

    Of course it was a bad idea. But you know what is the worst of all? That it was an obvious cash grab and they though that we would be stupid enough to fall for it. I don't know you guys but I feel insulted. I mean come on! 75% for valve and bethesda and a 25% for modders? what the hell! Don't...
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    So Long, Ultimates: Marvel Reveals Details On Ultimate End

    Good bye ultimate universe, they didn?t know how to handle you. I started reading comics with the ultimate line when I was a teenager and I had my mind blown away. The ultimate universe was never about dark an edgy. It was about real people having to deal with the insanity of superpowers. And...
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    8 Bit Philosophy: Is God Useful? (William James + TMNT)

    I think that I have been misunderstood, I mean is there an specific word to define people like that? because I fall in that category.
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    8 Bit Philosophy: Is God Useful? (William James + TMNT)

    How do you define yourself if the questions of faith, religion and the existence of god are completely irrelevant for you? In other words, you don´t care?
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    R.A. Salvatore Brings DemonWars RPG Expansion To Kickstarter

    To be fair The first Drizz't books were very good then I don't know what happened to him but everything he wrote turned to shit. I think that if he was allowed to have more creative freedom he could put out a really good book.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Little Drummer Boy

    I just spent 5 minutes laughing my ass off! This is great! :D
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    Saga Writer Talks Racial Diversity and Creative Freedom in Comics

    I would love the idea of a telltale saga game with a spin-off story. Despite the fact that none of your choices really matter when you play, the stories are really good.
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    The Downside of the "Marvel Effect"

    Marvel can't get the rights of spiderman fast enough, as for the fantastic four I strongly believe that it will happen the same and go back to marvel. The reason is quite obvious, they just don't have any idea of what to do with them. Better for the two franchises to go back to someone who...
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    The League of Assassins Demands Sara's Killer On Arrow

    I was literally wtf?! I honestly though that oliver would come with one last plan to avoid the duel or that someone would intervene. I was not expecting to see him so badly beaten and thrown out of the cliff. It was one of the best if no the best episode so far.
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    Wraith: The Oblivion is One Game You Have to Play to Believe

    One of the most beautiful and emotional roleplaying games that has ever been created. Also one of the most unplayable, it is a cool idea on paper but on practice? man, do I have some horror stories to tell about how people behave when they play this game. I guess emotional maturity is something...
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    Assassin's Creed: Unity's Season Pass Has Been Cancelled

    I'm so glad that I cancelled my preorder and instead waited for far cry 4.
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    Star Wars: Rebels Gets A Little Pitch Black In A Good Way

    Sigh...this series for me has the same issue as clone wars, too childish. It has improved a bit and it's not as infantile but still. Yes I get that this is a kids show but that doesn't excuse you to treat your audience like idiots. As for today's episode it has been a pleasant surprise since I...
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    Giant Robots Fighting Each Other May Be A Reality Soon

    Realistically speaking, do any of you believe that they have any chance of getting enough money to kick-start this?
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    Marvel May End the Ultimate Universe in 2015

    I have very fond memories of the ultimate universe since I started reading comics with them and followed it religiously till they destroyed it with that abomination called ultimatum. Oh well, goodbye universe with consequences, character growth, permanent death and decisions that actually...