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    Mojang Joins Microsoft; Founders Notch, Carl, Jakob Leaving

    Microsoft didn't just buy a "game", they bought a cultural movement. Every little kid with the slightest inclination towards games plays Minecraft, adults play Minecraft, you can't walk down the street without seeing someone in a Creeper T-shirt. Sure Minecraft is a one-and-done purchase if all...
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    Jimquisition: Joy Begets Anger

    I'm Firetamer13 and this is my favorite video on the Escapist. The message was sound, the side bits were hilarious, and it inspired rage in the comments. Well done Jim...well bloody done.
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    If you could have any non-combat superpower, which would it be?

    Telekinesis, once you learn how to manipulate molecules. Say hello to a life of ease. Transmutation, Transmogrification (is there a big difference?), Flight, the possibilities go on and on. captcha: smento points. The new Escapist currency?
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    Poll: Do you find ginger hair attractive?

    Just throwing in with the pile here. Being a straight guy, red hair on guys holds little-to-no significance to me. On a girl however...GET OUTTA MY WAY! That being said, what is the deal with this ginger stigma? I wasn't even aware of it until I acquired some UK friends and they talked about...
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    Is E3 Worth It?

    While MovieBob has been pretty disappointing lately I have to say I was pretty horrified that they put Jim there instead. Thankfully I was mistaken and found myself pretty much agreeing with what he said, and to be honest, MovieBob would have just raved about Nintendo on top of a less thought...
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    Tremble in Fear at the "100 Greatest Movie Threats of All Time"

    I love that movie, unfortunately I can't think of any awesome threats beyond "Do you know what my name is?...My" and we know how that goes.
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    Escape to the Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

    Bob, you seem to be sliding deeper in my opinion. I'll admit I'm slightly biased as I've always loved pirates and these movies are the only way to get my fix without resorting to bargain bin movies, but I could not disagree with you more. Yes it doesn't make a lot of sense at times (the...
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    Modern Platformers, A little too pretty?

    So here's my current bugbear. Due to Nintendo's sudden relapse into platformers (eg. New Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby's...thing ) I've found myself in a platforming frenzy. Any old-school (or retro gamer) knows the feeling when you feel a need to speed through long...
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    296: Satan, Bad Acting, and Dice

    Let me just say I am glad you aren't just trolling. Too many times have I responded to a post and been told to just "calm down" ;) 1) (I'll get to the fundie thing in a minute) I was referring to the tendancy for us to dig up stuff from the eighties and nineties. Since we didn't have a voice...
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    296: Satan, Bad Acting, and Dice

    Since Therumancer is not defending himself I feel I must. Understand that I am speaking from a "fundamentalist" Christian background, however, in addition to being a gamer, I believe that anything that one considers true must be able to stand up to any debate, otherwise it is not true, so...
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    Zelda: Skyward Sword Trailer Introduces Enigmatic Foe

    Not sold on the gameplay. Link's arm looks really stiff and awkward with no follow through to any of his slashes (ala Twilight Princess's fluid sword controls (at least on the G-cube)). I guess this is where we see (again) if motion controls can really provide an extra layer of immersion or if...
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    things in games that make no sense

    Why is it that in so many games (Legend of Zelda comes to mind, you want not making sense? Try just about everything in that series.) horrible monsters that conquer kingdoms are quickly dispatched by slashing their tail/eyeball/tongue/other extraneous limb three times? "Oh yeah that dragon...
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    This Is Your Heart; This Is Your Heart on Halo

    For some reason this has me thinking about that fitness thing that Nintendo came out with a few E3s ago. You know, the heart rate monitor that everyone hated so much? Seems there is a use for it after all lol.
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    Hacking Statute Could Jail Man for Reading Wife's Email

    THIS! So much this! OT: It is an invasion of privacy. IMO the guy shouldn't be found guilty as the (sloppily written) law clearly does not apply to this case in the way the prosecution in presenting it. However, how would you like some "official" using your password that you had "lying around"...
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    Microsoft: We're Not Using Kinect to Target Our Ads

    Okay, I'm convinced that this is how Big Brother implements the telescreens now. I mean seriously, a wall-mounted flat panel HDTV with a camera that senses almost everything in the room? and now has possibilities for surveillance? Ring a bell?