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    The Big Picture: SUPERMESS

    Yes, very much so. In fact the reason the MCU even exists as it does is because Marvel had sold off movie rights to The X-Men, Spiderman and The Fantastic 4 prior to the Disney buyout. Iron Man, Thor and Captain America were characters Marvel literally couldn't give away because they were...
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    Experienced Points: Microsoft's Chance in Japan

    That's more or less exactly how Sony got the Playstation a foothold in Europe. They went around handing the things out to student unions and installing Playstation boxes in bars. Usually with Wipeout or Ridge Racer in the box, but I remember Tekken as well. It was instant access and exposure to...
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    If EA loses Star Wars games license, then who should have it?

    Because the Disney board is made up entirely of business people with no creative experience. They know nothing about making or selling games. To them games are merchandising, so they have to be cheap and highly profitable immediately, the idea of a game being it's own stand alone franchise...
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    TotalBiscuit retires - health failing

    I had assumed things were not going well when he stopped appearing on Co-Optional. Very sad that things have gotten to this point, although he pointed out on Reddit that he has already passed the normal life expectancy for bowel cancer by some margin. Small comfort that that is. The obsession...
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    Mods delete this thread plz.

    The numbers provide the context. In 1 year the switch has sold 4 million more units than the Wii U managed in it's entire life and will probably overtake the Gamecube's lifetime sales this year. This shows that Nintendo chose the right direction with the switch after the Wii U's rather abject...
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    Press Release Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus for Nintendo Switch Hits June 29

    Is Nintendo ready for a game where a middle aged Nazi dominatrix decapitates the protagonist half way through? I know they released Conker's Bad Fur Day but that was almost two decades ago now, I don't want a diplomatic incident between Sweden and Japan ove rthis!
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    Exceeding VRAM.

    Technically you can't exceed the VRAM of your graphics card. It might start trying to use system RAM to cover the deficit, but that's not a common strategy on modern games. What will happen when you place too high a demand on the GPU's memory is the game/program demanding it will either crash...
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    And this is why Animation is superior to Live Action. (New Images of Live Action Teen Titans show)

    At this point I feel that being annoyed about a DC live action adaptation being off is like expecting McDonalds to serve a good lobster bisque. I mean it's technically something that could happen within the laws of physics and chemistry, but it's hardly a likely outcome. Also, set spy shot...
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    Escapist Notifications and You

    Somewhere in the servers a minor daemon of Tzeentch is flipping 1s and 0s around just to see what happens next and whether the humans can cope with it. He is probably infruriated every time they can, whilst Tzeentch sits there laughing at it's hubris.
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    Workshop an insane idea please?

    You're doomed, DOOMED! -ahem- More seriously, this can go all kinds of ways. If you're going to ask him out on a date you have to be prepared for the possibility that you're going to end up with a new boyfriend. Alternatively neither of you will take it seriously as a date and you'll just...
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    Poll: Is Far Cry 2 a Cult Classic now?

    Nope. It's full of busy work, the AI is terrible, the gun wear mechanic is equally terrible, it's ending was part of a DLC. If anything it serves as a warning about the direction Ubisoft was heading, a proto-Ubisoft game before Ubisoft Games became their own homogenous genre. Far Cry 3 and...
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    FPS quality last generation vs this generation

    Okie dokie, name me the other 64 player team based FPS with multi crew vehicles, destructible environments and full projectile physics. Maybe you can lump in ARMA 3 with it, but that's a reach. I think you're holding things to impossible standards there, a game not being your 'perfect'...
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    I really want a new Obsidian made Fallout game

    I want a new Obsidian Star Wars game, plus I want them to get the time and budget to actually finish it. Alas the universe is cruel.
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    FPS quality last generation vs this generation

    The 7th gen brought us Metro 2033 and Last Light, Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Bad Company and 2, Battlefield 3 and 4 (only the multiplayer mind), Bioshock, Halo: Reach, Borderlands 2, Metroid Prime 3, Portal and Portal 2, Far Cry 3 and Blood Dragon, STALKER: Call of Pripyat and last but not...
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    Spyro Reignited Trilogy Announced

    Please don't mess with the hitboxes again, Please don't mess with the hitboxes again, Please don't mess with the hitboxes again, Seriously, that was just the worst in N.Sane trilogy.