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    Take-Two Condemns Australian Retailer's Decision to Ban GTA V

    I'll be honest. I was hoping for them to just place a self-embargo against Australia and not send any games to them anymore. That'll show 'em to take that baseball bat of a stick outta their rear ends.
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    Tekken 7 Character Excluded From U.S. Release After Negative Feedback

    This is why we can't have nice things. Cause people ***** about content and it gets taken away because of it. Someone is making something for you that you likely can't make yourself. You ***** about it and now they won't make it for you. Now you want it back. Deal with it :P If you want...
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    EVE Online Devs Will Take On Real-Life MMA Fighter At EVE Fanfest the dev team is going to get the shit knocked out of them and several thousand braincells smashed apart... So in future news EVE Online: Brony Force! Oops! Maybe all those fights weren't a good idea XD
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    Adventure Time Gets Guest-Animated Episode From Anime Artist

    Loved it. It's very neat seeing a different art style for the show to be put into. Would be neat to see them allow further artists to give a shot at the show and have it set into a series of non-canon/random artist dvd or something.
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    Diablo III vs Path of Excel

    I still like Diablo 3. It's a simple hack n' slash in a way. I just sit back and make stuff get gibbed,etc. I prefer just playing and kill shit and less worrying whether that one point I put fucked up my build and now I'll have to remake in a day or two. You reach end game really quick...
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    Steam Greenlight Failure Leads Indie Dev To Torrent His Own Game

    Look up TotalBiscuit's videos about why Steam is so messed up...and this is a perfect example of what happens. It's really hilarious how you might make a AAA game that everyone and their donkey wants, and then I can just upload a hundred games all about purple frozen eggplants doing the Polka...
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    8 Things That Sunk Like The Titanic

    Okami...jeez I guess kids just wanted more blood, boobs, and bad story instead eh? And then there's Duke :P Oh duke how you've fallen so far into a valley of neverending dick jokes, poop joks, and sexualized women jokes that are older than my parents :P Virtual Boy was a great idea, but...
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    Megan Fox Wants to Star in a Live-Action Sailor Moon Movie

    Oh dear...No! Seriously, Sailor Moon was one of the first animes to hit the Americas that wasn't crap. Don't let it be touched by anyone and make it live action, we all know what has happened to practically every anime that has ever been made live action and that's it turns from gold into...
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    In Defense of the Casual Gamer

    I honestly hate the term "hardcore" because it groups together the people who just take their gaming more seriously and the extremists of gamers. I'm talking the stereotypical "I TRY WAY TOO HARD for a game" and the "CoD kiddies". I'd consider myself a "gamer" and not necessarily "hardcore"...
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    8 Reaper of Souls Tips to Make Your Crusader a Superhero

    There's actually a hammer legendary is Thor's Hammer:
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    X-Men: Days of Future Past New Trailer Arrives

    And then the video is now Private and I can't watch it . . .
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    Rapper 50 Cent Isn't Impressed by Minecraft

    Well I don't understand his music that's basically trashing talking women, shooting people, doing drugs, and overindulgence in sex...:P Seriously, some celebrities need to just shut their mouths on subjects they have no idea about.
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    Rambo The Video Game Unleashes the Best Trailer Yet

    Looks like a reskinned Farcry 3 :/ Nothing really that exciting.
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    Square Enix Modifies Revealing Bravely Default Costumes for the West

    Make it tasteful and that's all I care. I understand that it's anime/japanese and their like the idea of sexualizing children but..I don't want me I see enough middle-school kids bopping around in tight pants it makes me lose hope in mankind. I don't need to play a game where my...
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    Warface Producer Defends Female Designs as "Cultural Relativism"

    We need a game that uses these concepts and actually applies mechanics to it. So if you want a chainmail bikini? Well enjoy your 1 Defense Point and -5 to Cold Resistance. But seriously, I understand the need for sex appeal but in a war game? Seriously? What's next will we have mechs with...