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    Creative Assembly (Total War) has acquired the right to make Warhammer Fantasy Battle games.

    But before then there was a classic by the name of Shadow of the horned rat. One of the hardest games I've ever played. Pretty similar to Dark Omen but you were extremely limited in the number of recruits you could get (if any).
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    Spec Ops: The Line is the best (military) shooter ever

    You guys do realize how daft that argument is, right? Captcha, lunatic fridge.
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    Spec Ops: The Line is the best (military) shooter ever

    The plot and way it's approached is pretty darn good and the ending was so utterly bleak it was really quite moving, even if the game is rather hypocritical in its attempts to make the player feel somewhat guilty for their actions. On the other hand the gameplay is fucking awful. Within...
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    Updated: McAfee AntiVirus Founder Wanted for Murder

    Go on, honestly how long did it take you to write that?
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    GTA IV is the Worst Games I've Ever Played

    Oh wow Siphon Filter, getting all nostalgic here. I loved that game for some reason. This thread should turn into 'games I hate yet spent far too long playing'. For me that would be FarCry2, it was a bloody abysmal game with a few interesting mechanics overshadowed by how shitty...
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    Poll: do headshots in FPSs matter?

    Playing BF3 with a bolt action, headshots become pretty darn important. Using an AR/LMG though I tend to aim for the body, especially at range you're more likely to score hits. In terms of the prestige though, a kill is a kill, better to be successful with an easier shot then miss a harder...
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    Man Jailed for 3 months over Facebook Jokes

    Watched a bit of some police TV program last night, 2 guys were arrested from their car and a quantity of cocaine was found stashed inside. Nearby in a bush a set of electronic scales and a much larger bag of cocaine. They were not charged, not enough evidence. Then this guy gets 3 months for...
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    Poll: Medal of Honor: Warfighter Beta thoughts.

    To me MoH was always a poor version of CoD, similar gameplay wise but with the tedious patriotism turned up full and without the silly yet entertaining plot+characters. I'll just stick with BF3, even if Armored kill is rubbish at the moment..
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    Reliving Gordon Freeman's Worst Day

    Quote button has moved to the top now! Not sure why they moved it, everyone's making this mistake now. Especially the gunship, bloody hell does that thing kill you fast on hard mode. It also takes ~10 rockets and 2 fully powered laser blasts to take it down. I cant remember exactly how...
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    Reliving Gordon Freeman's Worst Day

    The ladders were fine (if a bit odd to get used to) up until the bit where there's a whole bunch of soldiers with a tank surrounded by underground pipes, at which point I realized that for some batshit insane reason sometimes on ladders pressing 's' makes you go up them. Along with 'w' and...
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    Currently got a bottle of Jura 10yr open, very nice although not as good as some of their others in my opinion. I've got an odd habit of collecting my empty whisky bottles as well, got a cupboard full of them (only keep unique ones though, so no duplicates). Love all of the Islay...
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    Poll: Dubstep. Music or not music?

    Got to love the number of people in this thread stating their own biased opinions as fact.
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    Excessive profanity in games

    The swearing in BF3 really winds me up, especially as many of the lines make no sense in the situation. For example when throwing a 'nade your soldier chappy will shout something along the lines of "EAT GRENADES ************!", why would you tell the opposition what you're doing? Just gives...
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    Question for people Pro-guns....

    I've not really got much of an opinion either way in this argument, the US has got to a point where banning guns is not much of an option anyway due to how making them illegal would mean that no-one has guns except the police and the SHIT TON which would then be owned by criminal types. Not an...
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    Poll: Flawlwss Victory: Can you think of a game that is perfect?

    Dont get me wrong, I love Dark Souls, even got all achievements, but it's by no means a perfect game. The boss difficulty levels are a mess, some later ones like pinwheel and seath the scaleless are a complete pushover whilst fatboy slim can be ridiculous at times. Optimisation is poor...